Beth Joscelyne

    Auckland, New Zealand

    • Naturopathic treatments - massage, herbs, holistic dietary guidance
    • Reiki & other energy healing
    • Education/workshops facilitating/embracing holistic living - living foods, food as medicine, DIY natural body care, growing organic food, etc.


    Disillusioned by values of mainstream society that we are all conditioned with from a young age, over the past 10+ years I have intentionally turned away from this & start to live consciously, with intention and follow what I know is right & true in my heart. The journey of course continues. Recently have I have completed my studies into naturopathy & herbalism so now feel I am aligned with the right path for me in terms of my 'career' role. My mission is to facilitate the healing & consciousness of others who are awakening to what they know is right & true in their heart.


    On the formal side of things, I have a Bachelor of Natural Medicine (which qualifies me as a naturopath, medical herbalist & in holistic nutrition); I learnt reiki from a reiki master & incorporate this and other energetic healing (which I feel flow naturally through me to facilitate my own & others' healing) into many of the treatments I embrace - massage, herbs, flower remedies, nutrition, etc. 
    My overall philosophy is to facilitate and cultivate our consciousness, allowing illusions, fears & self-limiting beliefs to drop away over time. I encourage reconnection with our mind, body & spirit, our intuition, as when we are guided by our heart & inner wisdom, we have a deep knowing we are on the right path & inner peace can be felt, even during the difficult & challenging times. We are all one - and living in this way reconnects us with this truth.


    • New Zealand Society of Naturopaths
    • New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists


    Bachelor of Natural Medicine (naturopathy, medical herbalism, holistic nutrition, massage) - South Pacific College of Natural Medicine

    Years In Practice

    1 year

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