Ben Velez

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Mindful, spiritually-oriented psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.


    I came to the field of psychotherapy through my own healing process, begun as a teenager. My desire to seek better began through the vehicle of New York City’s famed punk rock scene of the 1980s, when my dissatisfaction with the ills of the world led me through social justice activism to deeper pursuits in self-healing. I explored a great many spiritual and psychological philosophies and modalities in efforts to address my own experiences with anxiety, anger, depression and a traumatic past, leading me through an eclectic life full of apprenticeships and mentoring by esteemed luminaries in academic, shamanic and mindfulness communities alike. 
    In addition to my academic work, I am a devoted Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practitioner and have extensive experience in esoteric and indigenous healing modalities and continue to embrace my own work and journey as key to my ability to provide positive direction and support for my clients. As a multi-racial person raised in an LGBTQ family setting, I honor and welcome all into the therapy process and always seek to create an understanding space that is respectful and safe to all of the spectrums of racial, cultural, sexual, and spiritual diversity.


    As a firm believer in a mind-body-spirit approach to psychological health, I incorporate a long history of multi-disciplinary spiritual practice and investigation with my graduate training in relationship / family therapy into a holistic perspective that utilizes transitions and crises as opportunities to deepen insight and life skills that better navigate and manage them. In terms of couples work, I help with communications, developing conflict resolution strategies, healing from infidelities, addiction/codependency, and other sexual issues by examining your familial/relational histories and teaching a variety of guideposts to help you be your best selves, together and individually.
    I combine an eclectic, compassionate and humanistic / psychodynamic approach that incorporates mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral strategies, spirituality and life skills into personal strategies co-designed organically with you with the end purpose being your empowerment to lead the healthiest, most productive and balanced life possible.
    I provide a open, collaborative, and understanding therapeutic environment that is sensitive to all of the varieties along the cultural, gender and spiritual/belief spectrums. Additionally, I am versed in and respectful to the fluid gamut of relationship styles - from strict monogamy to the many permutations of ethical polyamory.


    • Active member of AAMFT and PsiChi Honors Society


    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MS Psychology/MFT - Mercy College, BA Comparative Religious Studies / Africana Studies - Vassar College

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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