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    Los Angeles, California, USA.

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    Tarot Readings for the modern age. I approach Tarot as an energy balancing and healing tool. With care and respect for its ancient wisdom, I assist those wishing to look within. I am a conduit for the knowledge the tarot provides as we explore the subconscious to bring about change or to unveil truths we need to confront. The Tarot is a powerful and enlightening tool for healing our minds and empathetic bodies.


    The way I learned and practice Tarot is by way of energy healing. In the same way therapeutic touch is healing, Tarot accesses parts of our mind that want to be healed, that are calling to us to confront. I am but a conduit for these messages and am not a "psychic" but rather an interpreter for the cards themselves, which already possess the sacred knowledge. When I read cards for people I am assisting them in Self Care. Turning to the Tarot is a step toward nurturing our psyche, and in turn our empathetic body. All healers know and are guided by the fact that recognizing the mind body connection is the most important factor in dealing with discomfort. I have found through the thousands of readings I have given, that once someone takes the time to actually access their psyche they are amazed at how clear things become. At what needs to go and what needs to stay. Healing is infinitely easier when you are wiling to accept simple truths and look past our emotional barriers. When I teach workshops, the most important lesson I try to instill is how to listen and look. As simple as it may seem, listening to ourselves and others is often the last on our reactionary things we do when we are confronted with life's situations. What we are listening for are truths that we may not want to hear. What we are looking for are things we may not want to confront or signs and symbols that are practically throwing themselves at us, but which we may choose to ignore. When you spend time learning the Tarot and understanding all the deep, sacred meanings of the cards, it is easier to recognize in what ways we can listen and learn more in our lives to your benefit.


    I have just moved here from NY, where I was a part of the Brooklyn Flea, Phoenicia Flea, Troy Flea, Half Moon Market and partnered with Hasbrouck House and Scribner's Lodge to host pop up workshops. I am just now starting to fully immerse myself in workshop teaching and move into a more healing based direction in terms of where I practice. I have also started two charities that have brought together other members of the healing community in NY. 'Drink & Donate' is a night out with access to 5 different type of healing artists with all proceeds going to children awaiting adoption. 'You Are Loved Pop Up Shop" is a free boutique for low income LGBTQI youth, set up 3 times a year, for youth to gather clothing and home resources free of cost.


    I have been practicing Tarot professionally for 7 years. I was inspired by my grandmother who was a Reiki healer. She used the Tarot to locate energy blockages. Through the use of Tarot we are able to get to the emotional root of many physical ailments. I frequently call upon this ancient knowledge and way of perceiving and interpreting signs from the Tarot to help guide people on their own path to healing.

    Years In Practice

    I have been practicing professionally for 7 years, but have been exposed to Tarot my entire life, with an increased interest since I was a young teenager. 


    My latest endeavor is hosting Blessingway Ceremonies. One of the most sacred journeys you can take is the path to motherhood. In our modern world we often rush through life’s moments from one to another, hardly stopping and soaking in all the preciousness and magic our world has to offer. The gift of pregnancy is not immune to this fleeting feeling. A Blessingway ceremony is a time to pause, reflect, gather, strengthen, enlighten, relax and revel in the majesty of pregnancy and birth. 
    Most purely, a Blessingway is a sacred pre-birth ceremony, traditionally performed by the Navajo people, to celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. It is a time for the mother-to-be to gather with the women closest to her and cultivate positive energy and prepare emotionally, mentally and spiritually for her upcoming birth experience. It is vastly different from a baby shower, shifting the focus from gifts and instead focusing on nurturing the mother. The intention of the Blessingway is that the mother-to-be leaves full of love, strength, confidence and positive energy to go forth on her birth experience. 
    I am currently booking for Summer/Fall. My official venue is The Sherwood in Los Feliz, but am also available to individual homes.

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