Ashley Berry

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Wellness Coaching
    •  Breath-work Healing
    • Animal Medicine
    • Vision Quest Tarot Readings


    I am a Wellness Coach and Breathwork Healing Facilitator living in Los Angeles. My mission is to offer heart-centered support for individuals and groups who are seeking healing in mind, body, and spirit. My focus is on helping my clients gain clarity around their values and desires, release and clear away patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that are no longer serving them, and create lives full of authenticity, alignment, and radiant joy. When I'm not connecting with clients I can be found writing, playing in my kitchen, working in my little balcony gardens, and wandering the trails in the hills of Los Angeles.


    I believe in the deeply healing power of creating a loving, non-judgmental space for someone to explore their inner world, connect with their own innate wisdom, and find their inner truth. In my coaching sessions, I encourage my clients to uncover and examine their deepest desires, to determine what would be most nourishing to them, and to find approachable ways of infusing their life with experiences that support their wellness. In Breath-work Healing sessions, I offer my clients a space to powerfully, but gently remove energetic blockages and connect with their truest essence. These sessions can be particularly effective for releasing stored pain, grief, or trauma. I use a combination of Animal Medicine cards and Vision Quest Tarot cards to support my client's ability to connect with Spirit and receive guidance around major life transitions, challenging circumstances, or how to navigate the upcoming seasons.


    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - UC Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - UC Berkeley, Health Coaching Certification - Institute for Integrative Nutrition, L4 Healer Training Certification - David Elliott Healer Training

    Years In Practice

    2 Years

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