Ash Kennedy

    Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

    • Reiki
    • Sound baths
    • Meditation
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Holistic wellness mentoring and discovery sessions.


    Ash Kennedy is a Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentor who also happens to be a licensed massage therapist, wellness lifestyle blogger, and champion of Nashville’s diverse wellness scene.
    She began learning about alternative healing practices after her own health crisis and becoming frustrated with the lack of options offered by Western medicine practitioners who couldn’t identify the source of her health issues.
    In setting off on her own healing journey, Ash gained tools and resources she now shares with her holistic healing and bodywork clients. She knows from her own experience that women can heal their bodies through lifestyle adjustments, and she meshes her Southern roots with an Eastern approach to help women attain that healing.
    Ash received her certificate in 2011 from Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies and has over 500 hours of training including:

    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Acupressure
    • Reiki Therapy
    • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
    • Sacred Women’s Circles

    Previously, she provided bodywork sessions at Haute in Hillsboro Village and at Green Hills Natural Health Clinic.
    In 2016, she accomplished a dream by opening the doors of her women’s wellness center, Attitude of Wellness. There, she provides one-on-one mentoring, education and a safe space for women to find resources and connections to Nashville wellness practitioners. In addition to teaching women how to implement a holistic wellness lifestyle, she offers:

    • energy work sessions
    • chakra clearing and healing
    • crystal and gemstone therapy
    • aromatherapy
    • feminine-focused journaling workshops
    • educational speaking engagements
    • women’s circle gatherings

    She is also obsessed with blogging and accepts speaking engagements to teach women how to heal themselves naturally.


    I know that women can heal themselves naturally when they have the resources and support. I worked in corporate accounting and was diagnosed with a tumor in my breast several years ago. That sparked a crisis for me that resulted in my opening a women's wellness space in Nashville where I provided free or cheap access to workshops and resources so that women could learn about alternative wellness in a safe space that acknowledges "it's not all in your head like your doctor told you". We know our bodies.


    Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies, massage training, Licensed Massage Therapist, State of Tennessee licensure, Reiki, Level I and II, Currently studying Sound Therapy under Dr. Catherine Birch Storey with Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

    Years In Practice

    5 Years

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