Anouk Froidevaux

    Lisbon, Portugal.

    • GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® instructor: private lessons, collective classes & retreats.
    • Dancing The Moment: workshops, private dance therapy sessions & retreats.
    • Pranic Healing® practitioner, private sessions. Inspirational writer & publisher


    Born and raised in Canada, I grew up in Vancouver studying classical ballet and modern dance professionally. Since childhood, movement has been my primary language. At a very young age, I was initiated into the world of alternative medicine and healers.
    These early experiences greatly influenced my ability to feel subtle energies, empathy towards people, and sensitivity to different environments. After graduating, I was 18 years old when I moved to Holland, and the youngest of my class to join the final year of the conservatory Codarts in Rotterdam. At 19 years old, I was discovered straight out of school by a Belgian choreographer and started my international career.
    Years later in 2012, I suffered an injury to my lower back. At that point, life began to shift towards my spiritual healing and personal growth. At first I focused diligently on my physical rehabilitation to keep performing, but as I progressed, I uncovered other layers about myself: I discovered that my essential love for dance and the freedom to express myself had become overwhelmed by my desire to please others and prove my self-worth.
    My pursuit for perfection had created such internal pressure, that I had become ill, struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder. My life was divided in two, one where I was performing and one where I was healing myself. I finally understood that my pain came from the deep separation I felt inside, and from negative beliefs about myself that were connected to past trauma.
    The years following my injury were spent studying with mentors, taking part in somatic workshops, therapy sessions, shamanic rituals, and traveling extensively. I became a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor and Pranic Healing® practitioner.
    I started to publish my writing, weaving my passions together in stories that I created to inspire and connect with a wider audience. Simultaneously, I founded the platform, Dancing The Moment, a space for people searching for a deeper connection with themselves and the present moment through movement.


    At my core, I’m a dancer and continue dancing. My story of healing and self-integration has transformed me into a passionate teacher and therapist. My work is dedicated to inspire others and facilitate their personal growth through dance and bodywork.
    My workshops, therapy sessions, and classes take place in an inclusive space of awareness, understanding and compassion. I offer an environment to creatively express, while safely exploring and challenging personal boundaries, to transform them.
    I work with a variety of professionals including dancers, performers, actors, musicians, visual artists, designers, therapists, doctors, journalists, yoga instructors, and more. As a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor, I give private and collective classes to people who are looking to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing, while achieving grace and mind-body connection.
    I offer one-on-one Pranic Healing® sessions, that help support and promote the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. The inherent wisdom of the body in connection with the soul is what brings me to life. The human experience is a dance between our individual and collective journeys. There is a dancer within all of us. Dance is movement from moment to moment, making life itself a dance.


    Dance Individual Study Bachelor Program, Codarts Rotterdam, Holland – 2002, Pranic Healing® fully certified Levels 1-3, Berlin, Germany – 2009 -2011, GYROTONIC® Level 1 fully certified, Münstertal, Germany – 2013, GYROKINESIS® fully certified, Münstertal, Germany - 2015, GYROTONIC® Level 2 fully certified, Brussels, Belgium – 2015, Founder of Dancing The Moment, workshops, therapy sessions & online platform – 2014

    Years In Practice

    20+ Years. 

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