Annelise Eldredge

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Reiki
    • Meditation
    • Mental coaching


    After spending time in Costa Rica living with an indigenous tribe studying habitat destruction, I quickly was introduced to a natural approach to wellness. A few years later I found myself in Iquitos Peru working with plant medicine to better understand myself and the world. Coming back to America, I began training under my mentor Al Fuentes , soon being certified in reiki and mental coaching. Soon after I became a part creative developer to @liberatehollywood where I offered and taught many meditation classes. Offering individual meditation and group meditation classes. I soon began my own practice out of my home in Los Feliz developing a great clientele base!


    I always check in with who my audience is, although I love the spirituality and truth behind reiki and meditation, I've made it my philosophy to equally understand and know the science behind all of my practices. I very often take a grounded scientific approach in the explanation of what is happening within the body, allowing for the client to discover the spirituality behind the work and then allowing myself to be available to assist them in that understanding. This work can speak to so many and I aim to speak to everyone in a way they can begin and connect.


    • Liberate Hollywood / liberate emporium


    Reiki level one and two certified, -school with Al Fuentes, Meditation practitioner, liberate Hollywood, Mental coach via Al Fuentes

    Years In Practice

    2 years

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