Anna Brooke



Great Barrington, Massasschuests


  • Wu Tao Dance
  • Rebirthing Breath-work
  • Reiki
  • Wedding Officiant


A born and bred New Yorker, Anna is a healing arts practitioner serving the NYC area and Berkshire County in Massachusetts. Anna was the first Wu Tao Dance


I help people along their healing path by supporting the reestablishment of their connection to their own highest good through the practices of deep self love, breath, movement and conscious choice. The bedrock of my work lies in creating safe spaces of compassion and self-acceptance so that people can explore their beliefs and thoughts in safety and peace. I believe we are each whole and complete with sacred opportunities for growth and self reclamation in every moment. It is my intention to support the blossoming, growth and unfoldment of the conscious self within each one of us, one step at a time.


  • 2003 - Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with Libby Barnet
  • 2010 - Completion of 9 month rebirthing breathwork training program through the New York and Philadelphia Rebirthing Center
  • 2012 - Certification and Licensure to teach Wu Tao Dance with Michelle Locke, founder and creator of Wu Tao Dance
  • 2015 - Completion of Reiki Light Ascension training and Reiki Master certification with Ron Baker of Empowered At Last

Years In Practice

7 Years


I'm working on putting out youtube videos on quick, easy ways to soothe, relax and unwind the body with acupressure, breathing and essential oils. You can watch my work at