Ananda De Martini

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Ayurvedic Nutrition
    • Wellness Counseling
    • Women's Health


    Born in Calcutta, India, Ananda De Martini crossed the Earth months after her birth when she was adopted by her Italian-American soul mother and raised in scenic Colorado. She moved to Los Angeles and began her career in fashion and merchandising before expanding to home and interiors. During that time she dropped pins around the world, traveling for work and for pleasure. Through her experiences abroad, her personal interests shifted towards wellness as her own struggles with chronic dis-ease in her health started taking a toll on her. She realized the foods she thought were healthy based on western ideas were actually causing her illnesses. It was then she decided to seek out alternatives to those standards, thus being introduced to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, the wisdom of healthy living. What the Vedic wisdom taught her was deeper than diet; it was a mindset. It was then that she developed her passion for sharing this knowledge and embracing Ayurveda as a way of life. 
    As a result, Ananda's personal style evolved; incorporating more natural and organic elements that felt more in line with her holistic lifestyle, while still keeping a polished design aesthetic. Her belief is that experiencing optimum health goes hand in hand with creating your dream environment from the spaces you live in to the clothes you wear day in and day out. She finds the deeply personal touches that are collected over time are the secret ingredient in a recipe for a beautiful, mindful life from the kitchen to the closet.


    Mana: power from within; self-empowerment.
    We are multi-dimensional yet subtle beings. In the modern world, our senses are being overstimulated. The most important way to bring balance to that cycle is to call on the opposite. As beings of this Earth, we must sit in nature and quiet our minds to listen to what our bodies have to tell us. This requires simplifying the lifestyle and taking out that which does not serve us. In this way, we can heal ourselves on a mind/body/soul level and reach an optimal state of health and experience true mana. My purpose is to help women integrate this ancient practice into all areas of modern daily life and empower them with the wisdom of the Vedas.


    Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Kerala Ayurveda Academy

    Years In Practice

    • 1 year
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