Amy Kynoch

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • Meditation
    • Breathwork
    • Kundalini Yoga


    Åmy K is the founder of KYM x Å and the Kundalini Disco™️ experience. As a multi-dimensional DJ, producer and certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher each of Åmy K.’s kundalini yoga, guided meditation and breathwork sessions take a deep dive into sound waves, brain waves and breath while exploring the architecture of the nervous system. She thoughtfully curates and customizes rhythms and breathing techniques to body, mind and soul – merging ancient wisdoms with modern science and urban living.
    I do not believe our "spiritual self" is separate from our daily routines or our jobs. I believe that to become whole and truly live a holistic life is to cultivate a refined awareness and intentional lifestyle where we bring recognition of our cosmic interconnectedness into every moment of our lives. When we are able to embody and viscerally feel what it is to be in harmony with our surroundings and each other the true songs of wisdom are revealed. For me, synchronized breath and connection to rhythm has been one of the most profound vehicles for facilitating embodied bliss, expansion of consciousness and integration of intellectual understanding.


    Recognizing my responsibility as a DJ being a literal human broadcast system I decided I would bring much more intention to song selections and lyrical weavings as well as awaken everyone's awareness to what they too are broadcasting and receiving. One of the most important aspects of each session with me is the thoughtfully and intentionally curated music, mantra, sound and silence. As science has proven, vibration entrains our cells, synchronized rhythm induces feelings of connection, cymatics shows sound geometrically impacting matter and anytime you have gotten a song stuck in your head the musician has penetrated your subconscious mind with melody and repetition.
    Just as we pay attention to what we eat, when we become aware of vibrational consumption we are then able to consciously clear any distortion and fine tune frequencies that may have us feeling "off". With intentional practice we begin to learn how to self-harmonize dissonant frequencies within our bodies. Through deep and discerned listening we start to refine our sensory system and energetic bodies. By connecting with our unique individual rhythms we learn to flow more harmoniously with the rhythms of nature and each other. Consciously studying our rhythms, what we are broadcasting and what we are receiving in each moment, we begin to align our energy to support our highest vibrational well-being which has ripple effects into all of our relationships and out into our communities.


    200 hour KRI Level One Teacher Certification Golden Bridge Yoga Center, Sacred Sound Studies with Paramatma Siri Sadhana at Surat Shabad Sound School, Gong Immersion with Brooklyn Healing Arts

    Years In Practice

    6 Years

    Latest News

    Currently I am DJing for nightlife and wellness scenes, teaching kundalini meditation and breathwork at The Assemblage NoMad and Habitas NY, bridging the gap between spirituality and contemporary living in sexy settings.

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