Amy Contreras

    Encinitas, California, USA.

    • Intuitive Readings
    • Spiritual Business Consulting/Pr from the Spiritual side to help spiritual entrepreneurs connect with their soul purpose to take their business to the next level and shamelessly promote themselves online and in the media.
    • Intuitive one on one mentoring to help to reclaim power and purpose. Utilizing a diet and beauty regimen that reveal blocks that maybe holding you back from maximizing your full potential. My 8 step program will renew you to feeling ultimately a more fulfilling whole wellbeing.


    A lover of tacos & tequila, Amy Contreras is anything but your typical holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach. Believing we are love, her mission is to lead people to their light by helping them discover, honor, and nourish the unique needs of their body, mind and soul. 
    After decades of living at war with her true nature, Amy started her journey with holistic healing. Combining spirituality, holistic nutrition, fitness and fun, she has attracted over 10,000 followers to her brand. The Holistic Babe offers one-of-a-kind transformational products and experiences that leave clients raving fans, and lifelong friends. She has been featured on the cover of January FITBODY News, Femargent & Wanderlust/Yoganonymous. 
    Residing in Southern California, Amy is available (in-person and online) for intuitive readings, spiritual lifestyle consulting/pr, nutrition advice, workshops & motivational , inspirational speaking / host emcee.


    I built my business on being a sanctuary and information center for men and woman who need guidance on beauty products, gluten free food, healthy alternative gluten-free libations and inner transformative alchemy programs.
    I am a muse of information from the other side living an inspirational everyday life.
    My intuitive readings will give you clarity and purpose helping to unblock to reveal your life's work and power of purpose.


    • GIG Gluten Intolerant Group - Generation GF for kids
    • Tibet Aid - Sponsor 3 Tibetan Monks and have spent time in the childrens village in India
    • Beauty-Hero's - Less is more where safe Green Beauty products are showcased with purpose
    • Leucadia Chamber of Commerce
    • Femargent


    Holistic Nutrition - Mueller of Holistic Studies, Weightloss specialist- NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

    Years In Practice

    5 Years


    I've been working on an on-going group coaching program for Spiritual Luminaries who are entrepreneurs that want to get their business to the next level. 
    Pop Up Events for Psychic Readings. 
    Eco Chic Reviews for Gluten Free Restaurants and Green Beauty Products.

    Review your healing experience, service or product