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    I’m an emotional centered person, and so my Practice is very Heart Centered. I remember walking through high school, song lyrics tucked in my notebooks. One specific song sticks in mind - “Smile”, by Nat King Cole. As a teenager, of course this was not always the case. I think the definition of one's teenage years has to include some sort of brooding and moody with a dash of the melodramatic. But I can comfortably say I've aspired to this always.
    It wasn’t until recently that I truly grew into that person, her shadow finally becoming wholly my own. My path to self discovery and acceptance came with some hurdles, as I’m sure can be said for many others. Add to that the struggles of being an introvert. Quiet, reserved, ever the wallflower. This was my comfort zone. And while I still find solace in a cozy, quiet space, I can truly say that I’ve found myself. I have discovered confidence, I have discovered my voice.
    For a very long time, I felt my story didn’t matter. So many others had went through far worse, I empathize with them deeply. So I was the shoulder, I was the ear, I was the person who could just be there and I allowed myself to be what they needed without ever really giving thought to what I may have needed or the checks and balances, boundaries and borders that should be in place. For some, I put myself second, and completely half-assed it when it came to taking care of myself.
    I suffer from anxiety and don’t do well with confrontation. It used to be so bad that I would I shut down. I get really bad dry mouth, I feel my heartbeat in my throat. Every inch of my insides writhe in fear and confusion and I want to jump out of my skin. I would literally make myself ill from the stress. For me, this began a pattern of avoidance and denial. Anxiety furthers the fear and silences any effort to break the cycle. Anxiety fueled my insecurities. Being invisible was easy, it was comfortable, there was no judgment, no pressure, no confrontation. I have at times, sacrificed almost everything just to keep the boat from rocking (which of course can make things a lot worse). But what I’ve come to understand is that you sacrifice so much of who you truly are, and finding that authentic path becomes a little more challenging.
    My journey on this path started with one question - What's next? I struggled with the idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Since high school, I knew that social sciences was my thing, but I had been pulled in so many different directions it was becoming discouraging. I was a career college student, majored in Psychology, working part time jobs, and then full time jobs to pay my way through school. I was raised on the idea that you go to school, then get a job. You work hard, pay your dues and then eventually retire. I wasn't opposed to the corporate world, but I knew it wasn't me. Waiting tables, customer service and sales positions became my life. I ventured through different entrepreneurial opportunities, hoping to find one that would cure me from Corporate America.
    I was stuck in that cycle because I was afraid. I doubted myself. I doubted my worth. I was afraid of failing, not just myself, but others as well. How can I be extraordinary? How can little-ol-me provide value to others? Even worse, I was so used to being invisible, I wasn't sure how to change course.
    I eventually became tired with the cycle of discontent, needlessly sacrificing for some obligation that I put on myself, not realizing I could choose a different path. Never wanting to disappoint. I was tired of not mattering, but the truth was I allowed it to get so bad because I didn’t matter enough to myself. And enough was enough. I had something to say, I wanted to be heard. I needed to be heard. And just maybe, by being a little more visible, I can better help those who need it.
    It was only until recently that I felt comfortable saying ‘Thank you’ when someone gave me a compliment, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t valued growing up, I was. It was because for a very long time, I had trouble seeing the value in me. It took me a long time to see that, to truly discover it within myself. To know the courage, to see the beauty, to become friends with my faults, to look myself in the eyes and say hello, with open arms and a genuine smile. But how did I find my True North? By working towards balance in my life. By creating goals, and setting clear definitions of what I wanted out of life and how I wanted to live. A system that I want to share with you!
    I started investing in myself, I stopped making excuses. I defined and redefined my values and made myself visible to the world; I stopped hiding. Self-uncovering is about understanding yourself, your truths. Getting real with your flaws, your thoughts, your fears, your doubts, your beliefs, understanding and learning to process your emotions ... I got real. I started to read, I started to listen. I picked up a phone, I asked for help. I put in the work, and eventually something clicked - I do have value, I am courageous - I commit courageous acts every day. And failing isn’t really all that bad, as long as I learn from my mistakes and do not give up on myself. I decided to learn from my own journey, take something I was passionate about, and do something with it. I had been introduced to the concept of Life Coaching quite a few years ago by this time, but I constantly allowed life get in the way. As part of finding my true path, I decided to take that leap of faith and made a shift towards coaching. Perception is key. And when you can change your perception, you can change your life. We all have some kind of fear that drives us, or holds us back. There is a line in a play by David Mamet that reads "Every fear hides a wish". But if we can flip that fear, if we can re-frame that thought or belief, and discard others that simply do not serve us, how much more can you achieve? How much further can you go? But you have to decide. We start where we are and grow from there.
    I am passionate about helping others, about helping them open their perception, believing in themselves and truly helping them to achieve their goals and live life on their terms. Gain that confidence, take back control, be happy. Your happiness is worth it.


    We somehow came to a place in time where self care has taken a back seat. It has turned into a luxury, some may even feel it is selfish to want to do for oneself. My practice focuses on creating balance in all aspects of self, both from the outside to inside and inside to outside. During our time we will focus on -
    - Prioritizing self and develop self care strategies that make sense to keep from burning out
    - Cultivate mindfulness to reduce stress and remain within the present moment
    - Set meaningful goals and discover feasible action plans to attain those goals
    - 'Self Uncovery' - a process that will help you gain a better understanding of your emotions and work through any emotioal struggles, better understand your thought patterns and beliefs, discarding ones that don't serve us and empowering that life you want


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    Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy

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    - Currently completing a Master Mindfulness Practioner course by Kain Ramsay
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