Alixe Van Ogtrop

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Shamanic Healing sessions
    • Reiki Tummo energy healing
    • Coaching
    • Women Circles
    • Moon Ceremonies
    • Cacao Ceremonies
    • Guided Meditations
    • Trance Journeys
    • 10 week courses to reconnect with your true Self


    Alixe always knew she wanted to change the world. Starting in corporate life she discovered that the real change can only be made when the change is made within. 
    After a PTSD Alixe went on her own healing journey, when reconnecting with her True Self and coming back home (within) she could not, not start to guide other people back to their own Inner Being. 
    After having done energetic and shamanic healing trainings and a deep dive into various healing traditions she has also started a more science based psychotherapy education focused on trauma, depression and burnout, Human Givens. In this way she can bridge the scientific mechanisms of the brain with the more intuitive and energetic work. Besides being the bridge between these healing/coaching services she is also the bridge between the business and holistic world.
    Alixe is guiding people by one on one sessions, by holding women circles, full moon ceremonies and by offering 10 week intensive programs to dive deep in.


    I am here to hold a safe and sacred space for you to reconnect with your own healer (light, guru, heart, love) within. I will be there guiding you but I truly believe that you are the only one that can heal yourself. I will therefore provide you with the tools for you to start living your life in your fullest potential!
    In circle or ceremony I hold the space in a safe and sacred way. I will guide you to the places you normally don't go so you can illuminate these 'unkown' places and transform them into light. I will use various practices from many different traditions (mostly shamanic), guided meditation, shamanic drum journeys, forgiveness techniques and energetically healing techniques. The power of the circle is also to share from a deep and honest place which in turn is healing for everyone present.
    I offer 10 week courses for women to reconnect with their own power and for transforming stress, burnout & anxiety. Within these courses we come together on a weekly basis to peel the onion layer by layer and to dive deeper and deeper within oneself to come home and reconnect with one's inner light.
    During the one on ones sessions I will guide you to blocked emotions, trauma's, concepts or thought patterns that keep you stuck so we can move through these emotions/believes, accept them and release them. This will bring you closer and closer to your own True nature.
    My philosophy is that everything that we encounter is from a place of love, we sometimes can't or don't want to perceive it that way so I will hold a mirror and remind you of the fact that everything that happens is an opportunity to grow. So instead of being the victim become more and more whole while walking through life with Joy.


    Reiki Tummo 1, Reiki Tummo 2, Reiki Tummo 3a, Reiki Tummo Meditation, Reiki Tummo Kundalini: Padmacahaya, Basic 1: CLI (Center of Life and intuition), Basic 2: CLI (Center of Life and intuition), Basic 3: CLI (Center of Life and intuition), Healing 1: CLI (Center of Life and intuition), Healing 2: CLI (Center of Life and intuition), Shamanic Healing : Sjamaan, How to make counseling more effective: Human Givens Institute, Understanding anxiety and managing without drugs: Human Givens Institute, How to break the cycle of depression: Human Givens Institute

    Years In Practice

    5 years


    I am setting up a perfect hide-away for private Nature retreats, "The Big Nothing". Off the grid but fully connected. The model will be easily copiable to create a global "Big Nothing" community.
    I am holding women circle's at Delight Yoga and Full Moon Ceremonies at Mahara, I am also holding various ceremonies based on the rhythms and cycles of nature. For the deeper group work I am offering 10 week programs (together with Dolores) to really dive deep and empower woman to walk their own souls path.

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