Aliksandra Keller

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Sound Healing


    Aliksandra Keller, LAc, MS, MA, RYT is a Eastern Medicine Physician, NYS Licensed Acupuncturist, and Kundalini Yoga Therapist. She holds an MS in Health and Acupuncture from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an MA in Cultural Translation with emphasis in Psychoanalysis and Somatic Studies from the American University of Paris, France.
    Aliksandra was interested in self analysis, philosophy, and physical medicine from an early age. She began studying yoga for the first time while still in high school, but really deepened her learning while studying in Paris in 2009. While at the American University of Paris, France for her first Masters, Aliksandra began her Kundalini Yoga teacher training. The practice completely changed her life and taught her how to not only cope with, but thrive through challenge and trauma. Paired with her formal studies in Psychoanalysis and Somatics, Aliksandra began to understand the even more profound implications of the yoga and meditation practice as a modality to clear trauma from the body and mind. She returned to the United States in 2012 and decided to pursue studies in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to learn even more about ancient physical and herbal medicine.
    In addition to being a practitioner, Aliksandra is a musician. She released her latest sound healing album Theorie produced by Aetherea Sound in July 2018. Aliksandra holds Kundalini Yoga Therapy teaching residencies at Alo Yoga SoHo, and RA MA Institute in NYC. She is also the co-founder of Radiance Rising, an international women’s wellness retreat company.


    As a practitioner, Aliksandra understands and celebrates the complex and unique constitution of each client.
    “No one is the same, nor should any one strive to be the same. Healing is approached on an individual basis. The goal is to help people make peace with themselves through compassion and self understanding. That’s how healing happens. I am merely a facilitator.”


    DAc. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York, NY, LAc. NCCAOM and NYS licensed, MS. in Health Science & Acupuncture New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, MA. in Cultural Translation focus in psychoanalysis American University of Paris, France, KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Fédération Français de Kundalini Yoga, Paris, France, RYT Hatha Yoga Holy Cow Yoga Center, Charleston, SC

    Years In Practice

    10 Years

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