Alexandra Roxo

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Creative and Spiritual Mentorship and Coaching Sessions: A Combination of Sacred Counsel work, Shamanic Journey, and Spiritual Teaching.


    Alexandra Roxo is a writer, filmmaker, mentor, ritualist, and creator who has been using storytelling for healing and exploring her curiosity about life through her work in filmmaking and writing. Her film work exploring themes of female sexuality, spirituality and womanhood have been watched by millions and featured in international press. 
    As an explorer of what it means to be a woman in today's world, Alexandra has directed and hosted multiple shows for Vice that have garnered millions of views including one where she became a stripper at a truck stop in New Mexico, another lived with train hopping girls and slept on the street for her work with Executive Producer Spike Jonze, and another where she filmed dead bodies in a morgue in Cuba. 
    She writes a popular column called “Holy F*ck” where she details her own adventures in sex and dating. i-D Magazine featured her latest project the “Holy F*ck Salon” based on her popular “Holy F*ck” online column where she digitally gathers people to talk about the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. She has appeared in TV shows such at The Knick opposite Clive Owen and films like Bare opposite Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta.
    The comedy web show she co-created “Be Here Nowish” has been seen by hundreds of thousands online and coined as “The next Broad City.” The London Times called Alexandra’s work “The new New age” and The Guardian called it “fresh, fun and unforgiving.” She recently hosted a show for Glamour Magazine and another for Conde Nast Live that were seen by thousands. Her film work has been featured in the New Yorker, NY Magazine, Wall St Journal, Huff Po Live, Aol Live, Vogue, i-D, and more. She was named as one of the OUT 100 Queer People Influencing Change of 2016 alongside Pedro Almodóvar, Ellen Degeneres and many others.
    As a public speaker and event host and community leader, she has been leading group rituals off and on for the last ten years with a focus on women's healing including a lecture on plant medicines in NYC at the Temple Of Venus, in LA at the House of Intuition, in Seattle with The Hoodwitch, digitally for 100's online, at Obonjan Island in Croatia, Maha Rose Center in upstate NY and at Burning Man. Her work with women and healing started with her community organizing of art and filmmaking workshops with organizations such as GEMS, Art Start, Youth in Focus, and Caritas in Italy.
    She has completed courses with Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, and been mentored by multiple coaches, healers and teachers over the years. She has also studied with shamanic practicioner Betsy Bergstrom and Valerie Farr.
    She studied film, art, photo and writing at NYU in New York City and Florence, Italy.


    Alexandra works with you one on one to inspire you toward's your life's purpose, empower you to share your voice with the world and balance your Masculine/Feminine or Alpha/Omega energies. Her 20+ years of spiritual study of Yogic practice, The Divine Feminine, the Esoteric, the Tarot, Moon traditions, Witchcraft, Christianity and more coupled with her extensive study and work in Art, Theatre, Storytelling, and Film provide a vast foundation as a teacher and mentor.



    BFA from New York University, Shamanic Study with Betsy Bergstrom and Valerie Farr, Decades of Spiritual Study from Monastic Meditation living and study at age 19 to Starhawk's Witch Camp to Yoga Training to Years of Plant Medicine Teachings from the Masters

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    Started working with my first spiritual teacher, Bobby Drinnon, at age 12 and it's been upwards since there...

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