Alex McAfee

    Venice, California, USA.

    • Business Coaching & Strategy
    • Digital Marketing
    • Website & Pitch Deck Development
    • Creative Direction
    • Content Production
    • Financials and Investment Packaging - All specific to yoga, meditation, functional medicine, integrative nutrition, travel, fashion.


    I'm a startup and digital consultant specializing in health and wellness companies. I'm also the founder of Conrad Men's (bags and meditation cushions) and (a yoga retreat platform) and Fast & Light (a consultancy at the intersection of online business and wellness). I grew up in Minnesota, hopped a Greyhound bus, and moved west to be a climbing bum for 10 years. I attended Naropa University where I studied creative writing, drinking coffee, and taking drugs. Under my consulting company Fast & Light, my clients include: Living Wholly, Dr. Mark Hyman, Uma Mother (Patti Quintero), Light Watkins, B. Free Yoga, RA MA Institute, RA MA TV, Jasmin Rahim, Food Coach NYC (Dana James),, Random Acts of Lipstick, Mukti Yoga, Aum Apparel, (Founder), Conrad Men’s (Founder), Sarah Rigano (Form + Light), Jamie Wollrab (The Liberated Actor), Brandzooka (Advisor), Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Rothschild Safaris, Adventure International, and Recovery 2.0 (Tommy Rosen).


    I'm not a healer, but I approach business from a conscious standpoint, usually diving into the reason why things are done in the first place, which usually come from the company or client's own values. I look for win-win situations for all parties involves by providing value from a heartfelt, creative place. I then put the numbers behind the vision, with strategy and financials, in order to see how sustainable an idea might really be.


    Naropa University Dropout, General Assembly, School of Life, School of Hard Knocks, The Crucible of the Mountains.

    Years In Practice

    5 years in digital, a lifetime as a creative, 11 years in branded content.

    Review your healing experience, service or product