Aaron Slotkin

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Holistic Nutrition / Functional Nutrition / Clinical Nutrition
    • Functional laboratory testing (blood, stool, food sensitivities, micronutrient / organic acids, etc.)


    Hi! I’m Aaron Slotkin. My passion is natural healing. While in pharmacy school, I was exposed to multiple modalities of natural medicine. I realized just how necessary and effective it can be, especially when using nutrition to heal.
    A large part of my motivation to expand my knowledge and become a Nutritionist came from personal experience. People close to me have suffered from mood issues such as anxiety and depression. Despite the drugs, it was only through the addition of natural healing methods that optimal mood and peak brain performance were achieved. The brain and the body are intimately connected, and an imbalance in one will affect the other.
    In summary, I enjoy providing people with more options to their health problems, and I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can feel and look your best and live life to its fullest.
    To stay up to date with the latest research in nutritional science, I attend post graduate seminars in the fields of clinical nutrition such as those developed by Dr. Datis Kharrazian. Using a holistic approach of customized diet and lifestyle interventions, targeted supplements, and also laboratory testing, I have been very successful in helping my clients achieve mental clarity, better moods, and their ideal weight.


    As my client, I want to find out what is really going on with your metabolism and provide you with answers aimed at improving weight and health in a convenient way using the latest evidence in nutritional science. I'm a board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Pharmacist with affordable pricing and friendly service. I serve the Los Angeles county area.
    My focus is on weight management using various programs suited for the individual. My other focus is optimizing brain health with nutrition. Some examples are a declining memory, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. As an option for my clients, I provide functional blood chemistry analysis. A functional analysis means looking at a blood panel with the goal of achieving wellness and not just screening for a disease. I prefer this to guide my nutritional and supplement recommendations.


    Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist - International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, Pharmacist - Loma Linda School of Pharmacy, BS/MS molecular biology - University of California San Diego.

    Years In Practice

    5 Years

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