Why We Can Never Hide From Our Bloodline

Written By: Kira Saundra - The Panther Process

What does it mean to know where we come from: Is it the blood we’ve been given or the energetic path that we have chosen that offers us a deeper connection to self?


Feeling safe and secure are the building blocks and boundaries of how we can function as healthy humans. Without it, nothing is sustainable. When we are connected to our bodies and feel held, anything is possible with a platform to jump into the void of creation.


Looking at the chakra system, Muladhara (translation from sanskrit “root support”) is this energetic piece that holds our survival, grounding and financial energies. It also holds the Shadow of Fear: I am alone, I am fragile, I don’t have the right to exist.


When we are separated or fragmented from our birth family it creates trauma that leaves us feeling ungrounded and unsupported by the world, in our conscious awareness or affecting our daily decisions stemming from the subconscious mind.


We now can test our own DNA to trace our roots back thousands of years.  More and more people are seeking a deeper layer to the question: “where do I come from” becoming “where do I belong”?

 WOOM option 6

How many of us have stepped into new circle of community and felt at HOME. As if we had been there forever and always, receiving their medicinal gifts of life like a birthright you had always known…. Is that any less special than our DNA over thousands of years that has not only survived, ney thrived? And with that newfound sense of Freedom in spiritual exploration in the many global traditions our world can now offer us to experience, are we rejecting, suppressing or judging parts of ourselves sacrificing elements of who we are?


If we disconnect from our lineage, do we disconnect from ourselves?


Many have underlying resentment, grief or anger Shadows toward their bloodline hidden in their subconscious that prevents them from a profound healing connecting them gracefully back into their bodies in ways they never knew they needed. I have held many healing practices in session, both in a group and privately, with those from diverse cultural backgrounds that carry this secret pain by denouncing a part of their identity or discovering trauma they never knew they had. In this society where Fear and Anger is beyond the tipping point towards us all, perhaps we can touch the part of ourselves we have disassociated with honoring the bigger dynamic based on the same human emotions we all share in this life. The part that may not seem interesting enough, wise enough, strong enough, beautiful enough or trendy enough and embark on a quest. This time it’s inward finding a garden with new roots rising up embracing our Dharmic path.


As I finished writing this piece, I received my DNA ancestry results. Some as expected, some a wonderful surprise and some missing I wished could have appeared given my spiritual connection with their practices. This Celtic, Viking, Ashkenazi Panther feels a new sense of coming home… It’s nice to know officially I am indeed a “JeWitch”.  Celebrate all you are, despite political climate, practice or faith. You are everything, you are infinite.




Shadow Worker by birthright, Kira creates a space for metamorphosis. She is honored in service by the invitation to co-create profound moments of change in others. Empath, confidante, provocateur, emotional archaeologist - Kira invokes an expanded consciousness in each unique individual. She guides an excavation to the core dynamics of the Soul enabling powerful transformations, liberation, and integration of the fragments of self enabling the step forward into authentic holistic presence. 
Kira is a certified advanced-level Theta Healing practitioner and has been trained for over a decade in the school of Evolutionary Astrology. Kira has been implementing and studying Process Oriented and Jungian Psychology since 2009. She has been a certified practitioner of Shamanic/Transformational Breathwork since 2013, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher trained in Bali under Denise Payne specializing in Yin Yoga, a student of Dr. Anodea Judith's program "Psychology of the Chakras", and Reiki trained in her home of New York City. Kira carries a wide variety of world medicine from many traditions, including the intuitive arts of essential oil alchemy, Mudra, and Tarot. Curating the most potent alchemy for each individual, experience, and program weaving together art, sound and light. She believes we all have a medicine to offer this word and it's our duty to live our Dharma.
Through her experience in the consensus world, Kira worked within three different high stress industries while studying her passions, living every life but her own. After a near breakdown she could no longer deny the Freedom inherent in her Soul...who she was born to be. Kira began traveling the world devoting herself to these methods, and fully embodies the Panther realms of ancient ritual. Her initial voyage into the Bardos of Shadow was a gut wrenching, soul convulsing, extraordinary feat. Every piece of the Panther Process Kira guides her clients through, she has danced with...passionately.
She welcomes you into authentic Freedom.