Written By: Lauren Holmes

By Juliet Allen, Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Coach and Columnist. 

Being a Sexually Empowered Human means fully embracing your sexuality, your sex centre and your desire for life-changing sex.

It means fully owning your deep yearning for connection, intimacy and wild fucking.

It means you’ve faced your shadows, your deep dark depths that lie beneath the surface in your unconscious … you’ve embraced & owned them 100%.

You embody your darkness and your light, your pleasure and your pain, your unique essence as a sexual human being.

You don’t apologise for being ‘too much’ … you simply be.

You walk into a room and light it up with your presence & the way you sit comfortably in your own body.

You radiate a deep knowing that you are whole … you are enough, you don't need another to 'complete you'.

You are magnetic.

Your eyes capture hearts with their deep knowing, their receptivity and their depth.

You don’t feel the need to ‘dress’ sexy, because your sexiness isn’t reliant on what you wear, or what clothing size you are … you are sexy from the moment you wake up in your most raw and natural essence and way of being and moving in your body and spirit.

Your sexiness simply radiates through your eyes and your open heart … the way you move through the room … the way you comfortably hold another’s gaze.

You own your deep, deep desire for abundant, deeply connected sex … you ask for what you want and don’t need other people’s approval.

You speak your truth ... you are authentic, real and confident.

You are beautiful, you are powerful, and you fucking know it.