Tried & Tested: Is there a Secret to Abundance?

Written By: Lauren Holmes


Welcome to our T&T Column, where we send our contributors to trial and test the best courses, teacher trainings and retreats in the wellbeing market.

Our editor, Lauren Holmes, goes on a 2 day practitioner training in Bali's Ubud to see if she can rewire her deepest patterns related to money and abundance, while learning master-techniques for manifestation. 

olga-delawrence-386839-unsplashHow does this image make you feel? Chances are, your reaction will tell you a lot about your deep-rooted beliefs related to money. 

Why do some people attract abundance as effortlessly as if they had a money-tree, while others work tirelessly, yet still struggle to find financial freedom?  Sure, a lot of this comes down to knowing our worth and setting our boundaries (financial and otherwise), but what about all those inherited patterns from our parents, our communities, and society? How much does past failure and success contribute?  


These were all questions I had before taking the Theta Healing training on Manifesting and Abundance.  And? If i'm honest, I wanted to know if there was a secret trick to getting rich...



WHERE: Taksu Spa, Ubud, Bali.  Ubud is a haven for wellness trainings and esoteric workshops. This bi-annual training program takes place at the Taksu Spa, a jungle haven set off Ubud’s bustling Hanuman street.


Led By: Theta Healing Teacher and Practitioner Erika Johansson.



  • 80-90 percent of what we create in our reality is shaped by the subconscious, so even small frequencies held in the subconscious have a lot of power.
  •  Theta Healing is an energy practice developed in the 90’s by energy healer Viana Stibal that uses muscle testing (also used in Kinesiology) to test the body’s response to beliefs held in the subconscious and then a theta brain wave state, similar to that used in hypnosis, to reprogram those beliefs.
  • We are manifesting all the time. We don’t even need to learn how to do it. But the problem? The majority of us aren’t doing it consciously, so our thoughts unfold at random, drawing all kinds of experiences into our field.
  • When we 'manifest' are in a ‘theta state’, we manifest more efficiently than using spoken word or visualisation techniques. 



BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?  We ask for things all the time. Both consciously and unconsciously. For example, we may want a house in Bali, but in the subconscious, we have a belief such as, “I’m not worthy, it’s not safe, I’m too poor.” So in the mind, there is a wish, but deep down in the subconscious, another energy is sending signals out to the Universe. Theta Healing works through using the body's physical response to test what beliefs are held, and then rewrites the beliefs that no longer serve the client so that all their frequencies are vibrating at the same speed; then, the signals they are sending out are super clear, enabling them to easily call in what is in the highest alignment. Think of it like computer programming, but for the human subconscious.


THE BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY?  During any Theta Healing practitioner training, as you learn the techniques, you are also going through and rewiring all of your own belief systems, thanks to extensive partner and practice sessions.  It’s a double bonus, because the training becomes like a personal upgrade session, as well as a process of perfecting tools to help others. 


THE HIGHLIGHT: Erika.  She is a fabulous teacher, who makes learning these techniques simple, accessible, and most importantly, a lot of fun.  


WHAT WE SAY: It was pretty shocking to see some of the beliefs I carried related to money and abundance, which were common in many of the participants. Some of my favourites? “I have to work hard to earn money”; “If i’m poor, then i am closer to God/better equipped to be a healer”;  “Money is the root of all evil”. I also found a lot of soul contracts and oaths from past-lifetimes related to living a life of poverty, all of which were sending out mixed signals and blocking me.  What I found really powerful and empowering about this approach is that you can literally shape your beliefs (and hence your reality) to what you truly want, as well as working with past-lives in a way that is clean and clear and doesn’t get sucked into the drama and stories that go with them.  



WHAT YOU SAY:  "These trainings with Erika are always very profound and transformational, bringing many insights I didn’t expect.  I thought I was stuck because of one reason, but it turns out to be something completely different and these are shifts I couldn’t get to on my own. I feel a huge shift from being trapped or victimised by life to feeling in charge, with the tools to deal with anything that comes into my path.  With clients, I’ve seen Theta being effective really really fast. You work on something and you get to the core of the issue in 10 minutes. I love that its part conscious, part psychology; also energetically, it's a really strong practice, so it works on all levels. I already work with energy, through Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and it feels like connecting to a similar energy.”  Relinda Moore, (healer and coach)


THE RESULTS: In the 6 months since I took the training, my relationship to and experience of money and abundance has definitely shifted.  For example, I reprogrammed my energy field to attract abundance without having to struggle and by just ‘being me’, and had a remarkable set of opportunities come out of nowhere, from people offering me commission out of the blue, to projects that were really easy and suited to by expertise, yet paid far higher fees than ever before.  Yes, I’m still untangling myself from old situations and falling into patterns from time to time, but i definitely feel a whole new confidence and excitement when it comes to abundance, making money and how i define success. And the best bit? I know that I have the tools to keep fixing and sorting through hitches and glitches as I meet them along the way.  I have also done some really successful sessions with clients, particularly with yogis and healers within the wellness and healing sector, and now run workshops teaching manifestation techniques to groups.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Yoga teachers, healers and energy workers looking to super-charge their skills and shift their own relationship to money and abundance.  It’s recommended to have done the basic and advanced training in Theta Healing prior to this specialist course.



 Don’t miss Erika’s first USA Teacher Training in New York on the 14th-16th of September 2018, in collaboration with The Panther Process. Further trainings take place in Bali in January, April and June. Find out more, via Erika's website 

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