Trend Watch: Next-Gen Retreats

Written By: Lauren Holmes



The retreat market these days is hotter than a New York sidewalk in mid-summer.  It's a rare thing, the yoga studio reception that isn’t littered with enticing images from guest-teachers advertising everything from detox weekends to nourishing reboots in Southern Italy. So, in an increasingly competitive market, what does it take to stand out? We profile a new breed of retreat on our radar. 



Welcome to the Next-Generation retreats.  No longer just about yoga and green juices, next-gen retreats connect those seeking rejuvenation or transformation with some of the world’s most exotic and unexplored corners, teaching participants new techniques while venturing to places they would be unlikely to visit alone.  Those on our radar include Maison Fish's yogic adventures to Iceland, Reboot Experiences entrepreneur sessions in Bali, Nicaragua and Mexico, and Oceans & Flow's aquatic adventure to the remote Greek island of Amorgos. 

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