The Power Of Holistic Sexuality: A Journey in the Ways of Pleasure

Written By: Karina Velasco Founder of Yorgasmic

Meditation and sexuality practices were discovered thousands of years ago by the Hindus, Chinese and Egyptians. They are known as tantra, tao or sacred sexuality. Many people believe these disciplines focus solely on sex and how to become better lovers; however, those aspects are only a small part of their teachings. They also instruct us on how to activate that vital energy and use it in all parts of our being. They support our creativity, our capacity to love, health, ability to manifest and our connection with the divine. In addition, they guide us toward creating greater consciousness inside ourselves and with others.

Sexuality is about more than having good sex; it is a full rainbow that invites you to live life in all its colors.

It varies according to our chakras; for example, sex that comes from our first three chakras is sustained by a need to liberate (ejaculation) or create energy (tantric orgasm), as well as the search for feelings of pleasure or power. It is what allows you to connect sexually with these centers.
Sex that comes from the fourth chakra, the heart, is based on giving and receiving. It opens the door to true intimacy where you learn to make love with the divine and your partner at the same time. You make love not only physically, like with the first three chakras, but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

When we activate the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras meditation arises, your intuition or vision are activated and you reach ecstasy and connection with the divine; this can all be learned by studying the techniques of energetic orgasmic awareness- the yorgasmic method.

Your emotional body can manifest blocks and unresolved, problematic emotions as physical illness in your body. Ninety per cent of problems related to sexuality are a product of your emotional body and belief systems. The main reason why women can’t reach orgasm lies in emotions such as fear, pain, grief, anger and resentment. Sexual dysfunction in men, like premature ejaculation, are caused by unresolved ‘mommy issues’
 or by feelings of fear, anger and resentment, among others. If we feel insecure in our intimate relationship, the sexuality chakra becomes tense and blocks the opening of the heart; it then creates insensitivity which prevents you from fully experiencing pleasure.


On an emotional level, it is imperative to let go of all blocks or misguided beliefs surrounding sexuality. This will let bliss flow through your body.

Guilt, anger, shame and fear of being judged because of our sexuality inhibit our orgasms, not only in our genitals; they also rob us of the possibility to enjoy multiple orgasms in the heart and body, both cosmic and energetic.


Experiencing pleasure fully will not only send you to ecstasy, it will also help you heal, activate and celebrate; it will allow you to meditate deeply. Feeling safe, confident, opening your heart, feeling powerful, expressing your desires and boundaries, and listening to your intuition, will turn you into a completely amazing lover.


Image: Alex Kacha

Sensual Alchemy Workshop: A Journey in the Ways of Pleasure

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