Tea Ceremony With Shiva Rose

Written By: Lauren Holmes

We are hosting a tea ceremony at our next event at The Springs on April 9th. Here, the beautiful Shiva Rose talks about her love for the Ancient Morning Tradition. JOIN US ON APRIL 9TH

My relationship with the art of tea has evolved from me being a slightly suspicious sceptic, to someone who now has a profound love and respect for this practice. 

Baelyn’s teacher Wu De recently traveled from Taiwan to visit and I was so grateful to be served tea by the master himself. The experience was transformative, healing, and simply beautiful. Again I was reminded about how taking moments to be still and present adds more depth to my life.

During the ceremony I truly felt a shift happening. I wasn’t the same person who sat down to start. “This practice is at least 20,000 years old, more ancient than the pyramids. This goes deep into our indigenous souls and and connects us to it.  The tea sutras are leaves, non verbal ones, and teach us about Zen. These sutras were written by nature. This planet that we are enjoying is here because of the seeding, growing, flowering of plants. The seeding, growing, flowering is the wisdom of this planet and that is what we experience when we drink tea. The plants give us their life force and how do we pay it back?  We pay it back with ritual, with being awake, with consciousness, ceremony, gratitude and ritual.”

Much gratitude and thanks to Shiva Rose, we can't wait to spend April 9th with you.