Natural Beauty Recipes by a Mermaid

Written By: Kathryn Nelson - Plastic Free Mermaid

I’ve found that in this beautiful journey of coming back to nature, simplicity serves us best. The more we complicate things the less effective the total concoction becomes. I am also detached from needing to preserve products for long periods of time. Not only do my preferences change based on the season,  I also find I prefer to use fresh ingredients always over something less energetically vibrant.    


Here are some of my favorite natural beauty secrets. I also list some super basic, effective make-up products without the plastic tubes and wands and the laboratory made chemical cocktails. 


For the make-up, I prefer to make small batches just for the night or the weekend is best. The make-up does in fact work and last for a good amount of time, it’s just that you have to make fresh batches when you want it. Luckily for us, I tried a ton of combinations from beeswax to coconut oil, and the simplest ingredients worked best! These make-up recipes have two or three ingredients that already likely live in your pantry! Beat that Sephora.


Eyeliner & Mascara

¼  tsp charcoal
¼  tsp Arrowroot Powder

1/2 tsp aloe vera juice



1/20 tsp charcoal (so very little needed!!!)

⅛ tsp arrowroot

¼ tsp cacao

½ tsp aloe



Put powders into your small container

Add just enough aloe to make a thick paste (a toothpick is perfect to mix with)


Use an eyeliner brush to apply your eyeliner or get creative. There are some fine point dull needles used in various needlework crafts that could do the trick. 


Repurpose a mascara wand or ask a friend or grandma to save you one when their tube runs dry. Clean and sanitize first.


TIP: Store in fridge in a sealed container for bear chance at preserving.

NOTE: Experiment with different textures, start with just one or two drops of aloe and keep mixing more in until your eyeliner reaches the consistency you want.


Orange Blossom Tinted Lip Balm

½ tbsp beeswax

½ tbsp cocoa butter

½ tbsp coco oil

½ tbsp almond oil

1/4 tsp cacao powder

⅛ tsp turmeric powder



Melt all wax, butter and oils in a double boiler

Stir with a toothpick until fully blended

Add in the powder and stir

Pour into your lip balm container.


Solid Perfume - With Essential Oils

BLURB: I do not like to advocate for using essential oils, because many are stored in small glass bottles with plastic lids. Often black plastic lids and black plastic does not get recycled; when it travels along the conveyor belt at the recycling center, it does not get picked up by the optical sorter that uses camera lenses to detect materials and sort them. Black plastic does not get picked up, so it does not get recycled! If you already have essential oils, here is a little recipe.



3 tsp almond oil

3 tsp grape-seed oil

1 tsp beeswax

3 drops rose essential  oil



Double boil the oil and wax.

Pour into small clean jars and stir in the essential oils with a toothpick.

Quickly cap on the lid to prevent the essential oils from evaporating and let the mixture set.

Apply to pulse points to release the perfume.


NOTE: If you are wanting a thicker salve, adjust the ratio to be 4 parts oil to 1 part wax.



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