Men's Health Is Spiritual

Written By: Arik Xander

Yin Is Genius.

As men, our role in society has advanced our world in every field from science to sports. From the wheel of the zodiac to the wheel of the car  - it is no mystery why we refer to yang energy as ‘Father Time’. Yet time, like anything else in our world, has structure, rules, and limitations. When only using the power of time, we find ourselves in a state of rush and selfishness aimed towards money, status, and power - even at the cost of our wellness and health - forgetting that Spiritual wellness precedes health, wealth and happiness. There is no exception to it. If we want to change something in or about our lives, we need to work on the spiritual levels to receive the insights we need to make it in the material world. This is how we advance.

It is in this sense, men can access the power of genius, which is usually accompanied by a skill. When we stop to think about what this genius power is, and why men need to access it, we come to remember that genius energy IS female energy.


One main reason why we men fail to acknowledge our genius capabilities is that in the mainstream mind, genius is measured by success, fame, and IQ, when actually, true genius, is identified by a pure heart, single-mindedness, aspiration, honesty, and devotion to a female power.


On the road to mastery, every brilliant man who receives his insights to utilize his skillful means is connected with higher female wisdom. The worldly dharmas hold none of his attention since he is preoccupied with humility and devotion to making the world a better place.


The relationship man has with his female counterpart can only be understood by first-hand experience.


A popular depiction of such power is the muses - the Greek goddesses of inspiration. In Greek mythology, men who were appreciative and selfless received the blessings from the muses in the form of insights and ideas that change the world. Whenever a man took sole credit for the magnificent works and basked in the praise to inflate his ego the muses became disenchanted with him and no longer gave him the inspiration he once had.


Guys, We Are No Exception.


Our health is rooted in spirituality. Spiritual life force is the only way to eliminate stress, which is the precursor to all symptoms and illnesses. For example, our telomeres are shortened through stress. When our spiritual connection is weak, we diminish our life force and our health pays the price.


When we are unhealthy, we cannot be wealthy, because wealth is a state where there is no lack. This is why in every energy balancing session, I make sure that health is good so that we can start manifesting whatever the heart’s desire is! When we have, and maintain, a strong spiritual connection we can endure the stresses of life without them taking a toll on our health. The same can be said about traumas that tend to mold our way of experiencing life. If we can open up for help from a yin counterpart, we can begin to release that trauma and become more present in the moment.


Right now, and it’s been a long time coming, the greatest health crisis we face as men is the diminishment of our life force anytime we disrespect yin energy. Make no mistake, it is a very dangerous time for men right now as we have been mistreating and misusing yin energy as a collective for far too long.


Women, female energy, the Yin, whatever you name it has been taking a stand and withdrawing from our pursuits more and more just like the muses did.


We need to accept and remember that we are nothing without women - at this point we are not even born without their help - and we need to stop biting the hand that feeds. We need to make it easy for them to help us. If we cannot manage to accomplish this as a collective, our gender will become ill and the world darker as too much yin has no light. Think of it, without a balance of yin energy, our telomeres shorten and we damage our DNA, which influences future generations and shortens the lifespan.


Since we as men like to think logically, consider this: It is more practical to discover that the everyday inspiration is found within the wife, girlfriend, mother or consort granted the vessel holding the yin energy is not bitter, resentful or too masculine.


To respect the great power of female energy is its own reward.

The spiritual relationship between men and women is like the relationship between a lamp and a light socket. The lamp must plug-into the light socket to access electricity and power-on. Without electricity, the lamp doesn't turn on - and without the lamp, the electricity remains static and unexpressed.


Men first begin to access female electricity when they breast-feed milk and chi from their mothers. As men grow up, they (ideally) detach from their mothers and find a new source of nurturing female energy.

Electricity is impartial to the crack light or the crystal chandelier it illuminates. Its expression, however, is limited by the form of the lamp. We can upgrade our form by taking care of our bodies through diet, meditation, yoga or Vessel Building to increase our capacity of illumination.


For humans, this means that the woman will ‘radiate’ the beliefs of the man, especially if she is not aware of her responsibility to move the man from lower to higher voltages.


For example, an insecure man who secretly despises the friends of his lover will cause her to do the same. She may pretend she maintains psychic independence by refuting intellectually, but the impact a man has on a woman has profound consequences as he is the one managing the energy she supplies him with.


This is a consequence of sexual intimacy, and one reason we should refrain from masturbation when we are in a committed relationship is that we misuse the energy generated by our relationship to yin. If you ever find that energy is being wasted or that you just don’t have enough to manifest things, stop masturbating for a while and see what happens. Plus, it will make sex that more pleasurable. Most people short circuit before the time kundalini energy reaches beyond the second chakra during sex. Having a stronger vessel will increase sexual health too.


Begin With Yin.


If we cannot connect at the heart chakra while having sex and tend to approach it athletically, then put your focus on the second chakra. Plus, focus on creating light with your partner and make sure that the yin gets theirs before you get yours, and ideally, it’s at the same time. Once you have mastered this, keep going back to trying putting your focus back to the heart chakra, for however short it may be.


The risk with this practice is that many men have trauma around their mothers, which wants to be resolved for that amazing YIN connection. So the benefit is well worth the risk, especially as the trauma around mother issues converts into grief. Men tend to store grief in the heart chakra. As the heart chakra becomes more and more imbalanced and closed, the effects manifest physically and may well be the true reasons for heart attacks. And haven’t we all heard stories about these absolutely athletically fit and healthy men who just dropped dead while running their daily route?


An Aroma Solution.

In many cases, the use of aromatherapy can activate pathways in the brain, which help with the energy bodies bypassing various obstacles. Dharmaceuticals creates an essential oil blend for men which does the following:


  • Calms relaxes and helps to clear the mind while opening the heart chakra.
  • Helps men to be on top of their game and be the best in their field.
  • Gently opens men to feelings, sensitivity and the heart of any matter.
  • Helps to clear the mind of cold calculations.
  • Stimulates qualities of bravery, honor, and practicality.

With men’s blend essential oil, a man’s logic will begin to see the value to a woman’s intuition. He begins to admire her, and he listens to her and respects her, which makes him a great man with unlimited capacity. With the support of each other, they can also feel at home in a world that unfortunately tends to place respect towards more ambiguous relationships, or relationships that can be understood by the masses.


Perineum Push.


Men who are disrespectful of yin energy tend to forfeit their center in the world. They remain unsuccessful or become weaker as time moves on. Our center and ability to be rooted in this world is the responsibility of the root chakra.


Interestingly, men who tend to dribble after urination, meaning that they get the feeling they can’t empty their bladder or urethra may need to review their yin relationships. Meanwhile, pressing up on the perineum, just behind the scrotum, where the root chakra astro-point is, after urination will completely empty the urethra and prevent dribbling.


Because spiritual energy is female, our relationship with women will reveal our connectivity to the divine. Because we men tend to express and experience spiritual energy as power, when we are striving towards outer power at the risk of our health, we need to remember that what we are really after is our spiritual connection.


Be In One Mind To Prevent Hair Loss.


There can be no two-minds about this or anything for that matter. Men have the task to become single-minded and focused. When we are split about things, one of the consequences is hair loss and male baldness. The more we can remain in one mind, the greater the odds we have to keep the hair on our head.


Advice For Different Age Groups Of Men:


Baby Boomer Men: Focus on opening the heart and mind to see your doctor and listen to people who care about you. Be willing to work on emotional patterns.


Gen-X Men: Stop seeking attention by acting out or with hypochondria. This generation saw a high divorce rate and tends to think that yin and yang don’t work well together (subconsciously of course). Yin and Yang don’t have to be divorced, unity brings health.


Millennial Men: Distinguish what is yin and what is yang, and learn how to instruct yang through yin. Stop competing with yin energy and incorporate it into the yang once and for all. Yin acts through the yang, there is no way around it.


Homeland Men: There is more to women than what’s on the screen. Probably.