Lineage Of Light

Written By: Arik Xander

Lineage can set apart two things of the same subject.


For example, we might both be Buddhist, but you might be of the Gelugpa lineage and I may have a practice based in the Nyingma lineage. We are both Buddhist with subtle, yet enormous differences.


As you can see, lineage is, therefore, a distinction, a refinement of generality which has been passed down throughout time.


In our families, our mother is from one lineage, while our father is from another bloodline. We all have physical lineages which marshal our genetics and heritage. Our material lines separate us from those different than us and hook us into those who are “related”.


The most powerful line we have though is our spiritual lineage from where we all come from. Our collective sourcecode shows us that we all come from the same light. Even science tells us that we are made of the same stardust, and with that said, I can say we are all descendants of a lineage of light.


Even though we are all of the same lineage of light, in our reality, we have many, long lines of lineages leading us to the truth about who we are. Make no mistake, the longer the lineage line, the longer our journey might be. Sometimes, journeys take so long because the lineage we adhere to has become corrupted with falsity and lies in order to control or suppress our spirit.


The irony is that we need a lineage in order to reach the truth, just like we need a line to be rescued from sea. The quality of that line will determine when and if we reunite with the source or not. We cannot connect without a lineage in the same way we cannot be born without a mother. However, it’s our task to find our lineage and use it to unite with our light.


Until we do, we all express sparks of our light in our world through various cultural, ethnic and environmental lineages via trends, holidays, rituals and more. These traditions are recorded and passed down, mostly unquestioned, and labeled as authority. Do we really stop to think where St. Patrick’s Day or Easter is really coming from? In Europe for example, there are many religious holidays, but do we really honor the meaning of them? Or just take it as another day off work?


The power of lineage can hold us to the wisdom that comes before us, but it can also chain us to dogma.


In my work of astrology, there are many different lineages or schools, most of them, taught and passed down unquestioned and unvetted. That’s the danger of accepting pre-definition and tradition without asking where it comes from and why. Sometimes we just want answers without questioning their quality.



If a lineage connects us to the people before us, and to the people before them, and eventually to the source, then how can we be sure that so-called truths haven’t been edited along the way? When falsity is channeled down through the authority of lineage, we find ourselves at a great disadvantage.


When we really look at what our lineage is connecting us to, we find that all traditions, cultures, societies, and expressions throughout the world stem from the twenty-two archetypes of creation.


As archetypes are omnipresent and omnipotent in their diluted or essential expressions, we can find the answers to our questions by meditating and working with the archetypes. Sometimes, we may use meditations passed on from our predecessors, or we may create our own rituals and pass those on. Both options deal with lineage, whether we follow one or lead one.


In our world, the twenty-two archetypes are ever present in our lives, we just need to take the time to notice them. We see them in our favorite media like movies, music videos, songs and shows, even though possibly degraded. We know them from the major arcana of the Tarot, which has been marinated in the realm of fortune telling, which is unfortunate and disguising their true power.


I use these twenty-two archetypes as the language in my astrological practice to keep the archetypal understanding pure. As we all have a very unique configuration of these archetypes, as displayed and filtered by our astrological charts, we can decide our level of consciousness and change it throughout the various stages of our life by working with them.


Our astrological chart connects us to our personal lineage, and when we work with a school of astrology which is rather culturally or ethnically influenced, we limit our ability to connect to the source of our being. Many spiritual systems and teachings are usually culturally influenced because it was a sign of those times. In order to make teachings universal, we need to be able to convey teachings without having to understand, or be initiated, into the culture.


Say we have bought into beliefs our childhood experiences have programmed into us.

We will pass that lineage onto others.

We can deprogram ourselves by aligning with a new lineage.


It has been my observation in my consultations that the less ethnic a lineage is, the more beneficial for the seeker because the line to the source is more direct.


When we look at the father of the three major spiritual lineages, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Abraham the Patriarch, we need to realize that he was not a member of any of these religions. Abraham, who was known as Brahma in the East, also influenced Hinduism and Buddhism.


Abraham was the first shaman to document the twenty-two archetypes and their influences in our world, including how they influence our body. He also wrote how to overcome the influence of the heavens, which is essentially an instruction manual teaching us how to transcend our lineage of personal karma. He documented his transmissions in a book and passed it down in an encoded fashion so that it would not fall into the wrong hands. However, as you may have guessed, it was passed on for thousands of years in its encrypted version, without ever unlocking its true power.


It has been my work to decode this ancient wisdom and bring it to the masses so that we can all connect to and overcome our personal karma through a healing medium I have coined as Cental Medicine. That is why I offer Astrolochi®, a healing modality, which is based upon DASH®, a spiritual description of the universe free of ethnic or cultural limitations. A short, direct line to the source of who we are with clear instructions on how to get there.


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Full Moon in Scorpio Workshop

This is the Full Moon when The Buddha defeated Mara and attained enlightenment. This opens up opportunities for us to follow in his footsteps. For this reason, I will be hosting a special 2 Hour Full Moon in Scorpio Workshop at Liberate Hollywood to help us all to access this immense power The Buddha revealed for us long ago.

  • Friday, May 17, 2019
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Weekend Workshop: The Chiron Point

No previous knowledge is needed. This class was made to allow anyone to attend so that they can learn how to easily seal the Chiron Point and learn some energy balancing techniques.

  • Sat, May 18 - 19, 2019
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