Harnessing Sexual Energy With Shaman Nabeel Redwood

Written By: Shaman Nabeel Redwood

The shamans teach us that our sexual energy and our creative energies are one and the same. They understood that the sexual power we have to create life is itself just a small portion of the greater power of divine Spirit to manifest all life. The power that created us, also flows through us, so that we may create with it. 


But this sexual energy is not only used for making babies, but also for giving birth to whatever goal you want to manifest. The difficulty is in knowing how to properly channel this energy toward specific aims. Our creative energy is always working, but since most of us do not wield it consciously, we inadvertently manifest negative realities. If our creative energy is not properly channeled toward the right ends, it will flow in whichever direction it can, pulling our lives off course. 


For the last two thousand years, sexuality has become taboo. The major religions have vilified sex as sinfully carnal, shameful, low. Because of this, many generations of humanity grew up with repressed sexual urges that burst out in unhealthy, destructive ways. Only in the last fifty years or so, have we swung in the opposite direction: toward sexual liberation and hedonism. And while this liberation was thrilling for a time, we now find ourselves on the opposite side of the spectrum. In our modern culture, we are over-saturated with sexual energy. Sex has been commodified to sell products; sexuality has been objectified. 


But indulging in sex is no better than abstaining from it - neither mode is a particular useful or productive use of sexual energy. The shamans offer us another way. 


Shamans were not celibate priests - though many lived along as hermits, many others had spouses and families. However, the shamans understood the value of deliberately conserving sexual energy to store up power. In preparation for a particularly difficult work, shamans would abstain from sex or masturbation in order to build up their creative energy, which they would then release at the climax of a ritual designed to channel that energy toward a specific end.  


Likewise, we can also follow this method in order to manifest big goals. Rather than spilling your sexual energy haphazardly, you can conserve it and release it with a particular intention in order to manifest what you desire. 


The shamans were not pious moralists, and encouraged people to enjoy the pleasures of life, including sex. However, they warned that when we have sex, we are exchanging energy with a partner. If that partner is only taking our sexual energy without offering us intimacy, then we will ultimately feel drained. Once our sexual energy is drained, we will lack the energy to be creative or to manifest our goals. So the shamans don’t necessarily shun promiscuity, but they insist that every partner you have sex with must reciprocate intimate energy. Therefore you should be discerning about which partners you decide to give that energy to, and which you don’t. 


The Tantric yogis take this teaching even further, revealing that we can direct our sexual energy up through the central channel of our bodies, elevating our consciousness to higher degrees of fullness. When sexual energy remains in the lower chakras, we are overcome with carnal desires. But when we channel this energy upward, the creative power of sex is channeled into our higher chakras which govern our heart, mind, and spirit.  


So if you are stuck, unable to achieve your goals, and feeling drained, consider a period of intentional celibacy in order to store up energy in your sacral chakra. Release that energy after two to four weeks during a ritual meant to call in your goals. And if you feel you have balanced your sexual energy so that you are able to fully love and experience intimacy without feeling drained or dependent, then consider working on the kundalini techniques that will guide your sexual energy up your central channel toward higher, more profound aims.  


If we vilify sex as shameful, we only repress our true nature, causing suffering. If we over-indulge in sex purely for pleasure, we only exhaust our true nature, causing suffering. Only when we mindfully deploy our sexual energy, not only for pleasure but for fullness, can we actualize the full extent of our creative, and sexual power. 


A lifelong intuitive & empath, Nabeel Redwood is a trained shaman, a practicing mystic and an energy healer dedicated to helping others. He provides Shamanic Energy Healing sessions, insightful Tarot readings, and teaches a variety of classes on magic, meditation and shamanism.
As a healer, Shaman Redwood practices Shamanic Energy Healing to assist his clients with overcoming challenges relating to money & career, sex & love, creativity & productivity, depression & anxiety, and more. During his Shamanic Healing Sessions a customized healing treatment is created based on the concerns you discuss during your appointment.
Shaman Redwood is also an experienced meditator, trained in the Vipassana tradition of Insight Meditation. As a teacher, Shaman Redwood trains students to practice advanced meditation techniques and powerful shamanic magic in a friendly, accessible way.
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