Floor Culture With Aaron Alexander

Written By: Aaron Alexander

 Did you know cultures that toilet on the ground instead of Thomas Crapper’s toilet invention and sleep on low beds like they do throughout various parts of Asia have practically zero incidence of fall risk for elderly. Fall risk, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ is the number on reason for entering assisted living.

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that countries through North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia all show a significantly less osteoarthritic population. The exact reasons this is true is undetermined at this time but that doesn’t stop us from venturing a guess…

Daily joint range of motion is consistently greater in the healthy hip countries compared to those with the highest prevalence of osteoarthritis. These countries boast a more robust floor life and have almost no osteoarthritis of the hip, and half the rate of knee OA than the countries of highest prevalence.


Are western hips doomed?

Simple fix: each day for the next 30 days, you devote at least 30 minutes to #floorculture. This means you spend some time hanging out on the floor in whatever fashion fits your fancy. You could read, watch tv, check emails or anything of the sort.

Here’s the Floor Sitting 101…

Sukasana / Cross-Legged Position

90 90



Floor Office Flow

Standing Desks Are NOT The Cure

Standing is simply another range of motion, the body needs a variety for optimal health. Practice each of these positions for about 10 minutes and then switch to the next, alternating as feels fit. Get up regularly, walk outside (barefoot if possible), get some sun, look into the distance, drink quality water and remember not to take this life too seriously…



Hinge the Hips

Stack the Spine

Alternate Every 10 Minutes (or what feels comfortable)

Chin Back & Neck Long

Remember to Nose Breath


That’s it, start adding more floor time to your daily life, while following the basic principles outlined in the video guides and watch your hips open, spine lengthen, breath improve and overall wellbeing improve.

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