Finding Your True Self & Letting Your Light Shine. By Mariah Baretta

Written By: Lauren Holmes



The greatest challenge in finding spiritual fulfillment is learning to know yourself.  Your true self, independent of what you have been told you “should” be, by family, by society, by friends and even yourself.  The challenge is accepting and bringing to light your subconscious beliefs, emotional traumas, ancestral wounds, family expectations, fears, strengths, and paving your own path with your our own hands, heart and mind.  

This process is challenging at the deepest level, not only because we have to confront our darkest nature, but we also have to learn to love ourselves despite it and because of it.  Most of the time we run from ourselves, hiding our fears, doubts and weakness, but until they are exposed to light, they will continue to play leading roles in our lives and we will be confused and struggling because of it.  Our darkness makes us stronger, but only when we confront it.  Cowering underneath it (or avoiding it) only makes IT stronger.  

At the core of all of us is Source.  We are light, all of us.  We are love.  It is this love, this spark, this light of Source that moves us.  We can feel it in our hearts as we step forward with courage.  Within that spark is the authenticity of our individuated self from Source.  Source is just that our source for our independent flame.  We ignite the flame by powerfully loving and accepting ourselves.  Each one of us is authentic, and although we may do similar things, and think similar things, and act similar ways, we are the only one’s who perceive the world through our lens.  We are the only ones able to interpret our own perceptions of the world around us.  When our individuated and authentic self connects through love to Source, the path forward in life aligns, passion is ignited and moving mountains becomes a daily accomplishment.  This is when synchronicity happens, all your ducks line up, and miracles are afoot.

To get to your true self, love and Source, you have to be willing to question your own intentions.  You have to be willing to accept the fact that maybe your belief systems are flawed.  You have to be willing to accept the fact that what you thought wasn’t a “big” deal may be the biggest deal ever, or that what you thought was a huge deal doesn’t even exist. You have to have the courage to expose your-self to your-self, and then be willing to love yourself all the more for it.  You have to be willing to accept the fact that what you think you know about the world and yourself, may not, in fact, be true at all.  You have to awaken to the possibility that the world as you have always known it, and believed it to be, is not actually the way it is.  This is fully awakening and until you are open to seeing truth, you will never be able to know truth, or live truth, especially your own truth.
We are limitless beings, gifted with profound abilities and power.  But this power is hidden from us, through our very own self-deception. When we infuse our subconscious mind with Universal Love, so all thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs are strongly rooted in the understanding that all of life is conscious, that all of life is important, that all of life needs respect, care, compassion, empathy and graciousness our limitless gifts can materialize.  There are physiological changes that happen to our bodies when we attain this state of consciousness.  Our DNA relaxes, starts repairing itself and replicating itself, the neurons in our heart and brain begin repatterning themselves and these shifts make our bodies FEEL love, and enlightenment.  But the physical shifts happen because of the shift in consciousness, the shift in the way we are able to perceive the world.  This is powerful knowledge because many spiritual tasks are difficult to ground, it can be challenging to really know if we are growing in a realm or dimension that we can’t physically see.  But when we are able to FEEL it, it becomes real.  It becomes grounded. 

The key to tapping into our limitless potential is in love, the key to finding love, is in finding ourselves. We are Light, We are Source, We are Love. We are One.

Written by Mariah Baretta: Spiritual Alchemist, Healer, and Artist.