Energy Clearance by Kismet Salem

Written By: Lauren Holmes

So what the hell is that?!

I am sure you have experienced energy in some way shape or form. For example: 'When I walked into the room I felt it was tense.' You experienced energy.

So with that you could imagine stuck energy is like dirt on your body. It smells, it is sticky, you don't want it to touch anything, let alone get it onto nice clothes etc. A shower or bath is what is needed right!

The same thing happens on an energy level. When energy cannot freely move it creates pain, stickiness, stuck-ness and then some. You get the picture right. It is very common to get confused what is your energy versus other energy. So you might have picked up somebody else energy, or in order to help somebody, you took on their energy etc. There are number ways that energy that is not yours can get stuck to you, and then you may confuse it as your own.

Letting go of that what is not YOU will help you to be in your power, be in your faculties, in your “right mind,” being connected etc.

You know when you are in the “flow” or connected. Your innate wisdom of understanding yourself is always present sometimes it is merely just an energetically shower that you need; a cleaning off so to speak, to get back into the swing of things.

So this “Romancing Yourself” recharge that I am conducting is for you to reset your energy, to recharge and remind yourself of what you are really creating in your life, so that you are fulfilled and in your way of THRIVING.

I teach with a lot of amusement, this energy is like a solvent for dirt to come off very easily, amusement is one of the key elements to changing energy.

Come and explore what is real for YOU, from there you can really easily make changes according to YOU.