Written By: Lauren Holmes

Musings by Veda Devi.

Let’s stop the feeding frenzy of fear by raising our vibrations on a daily basis. Just for today. No need to worry about tomorrow with these practices just today focus on ‘what can I do to be a better person to me, my family, my friends and the old lady driving well below the speed limit in front of me as I am running late to a meeting’

Here are 10 things you can do to practise faith and grow in love.

1. Find that power greater than you that you can have faith in and connect with. Whatever that is. I know people that have faith in nature as it always finds a way, or mother Earth, she is so resilient and full of deep compassion and love, perhaps it’s the universe, God, Buddha, Jesus, humanity; whatever works for you - take some time to think about what that is, I promise you there is something if you give it the time. Trust me, this process is worth the time.

2. Take 10-20 minutes every morning to meditate and connect in with that source, that power greater than you to remind yourself you are not alone and you’re not separate from the world you are apart of a great whole that is so expansive and brilliant and that is holding you in whatever experience you are riding.

3. Pray. We are all aware of the laws of attraction. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your thoughts are actions. Put out there what you want to receive.

4. Be of service not only to others but to you and your inner child. Do something helpful towards yourself and another each day even if you really don’t want to, especially when you really don’t want to. When we are experiencing resistance we are creating great change.

5. Give. Step into the law of flow and give something unconditionally. Maybe its paying the next person in the queue’s coffee. Maybe it’s giving a really great book you just read to someone else to read. Offering some time to a soup kitchen, put your beloveds towel in the dryer so when he or she gets out of the shower its warm. Give someone a smile today.

6. Forgive. Ooof that can be so hard. But resentments are what’s keeping this planet sick. I believe an amazing man once said ‘forgive them father for they know not what they do’. If you try to come from a space of compassion and eagle eyed perspective perhaps you can see that the woman who pushed by you in the supermarket today has a child sick at home, she’s a single mother barely making ends meet and is rushing home to give him his medicine. Or your co worker who totally belittled you in that meeting this morning just got dumped by his girlfriend and is hating on life, hard! I’m not saying be a doormat (which leads me to my next point) but if we can be open to the space around the point in time perhaps we can open our heart to peoples back story.

7. Set boundaries with love. If someone isn’t treating you the way that lies within your value system speak to them about it at an appropriate time with love and compassion.

8. Get healthy! Our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental fitness all coexisit in this beautiful body of ours. They work together! So find something you love that makes you sweat and burn out old energies. I personally highly recommend yoga but what ever gets your motor running!

9. Im sure you could guess this next one. EAT HEALTHY! See a nutritionist if need be and see what your body needs but you will find the more you tune in with meditation and love based life programs you will be able to hear your body and answer its calling, naturally and that 2.30pm cake call is a telemarketer - don’t pick up!

10. Know that you are here for a reason. Your soul chose to incarnate at this time and has something to learn and something to offer. You are unique, special and you matter. So each day do something to be the clearest channel for your soul because it has something to do and I’m guessing if it incarnated at this time, it’s something important.

It is our birthright to be happy joyous. Take back the control of this life. It’s yours and no one else’s. You are in the driver's seat, take the wheel.