Can Yoga Change the World?

Written By: Lauren Holmes

Are you a yogi looking to give back but not sure how? Meet Yoga for Freedom.

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The 2nd of September marks the annual week-long event Yoga for Freedom, founded by Yogi and Activist Atira Tan in the wake of Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake.  Inspired by the horror that she experienced to take a stand, Tan started developing programs to support victims of child and sex slavery in Cambodia and Nepal, working with trauma-informed yoga and art therapy.  To raise awareness about and funding for the programs, she launched an annual yogathon, inviting others to run events and workshops across the world. In the past 2 years, such events raised $AUS 35,000 and helped 2,650 women and children to build new lives after sex-slavery, partnering with 40 NGO’s over 8 countries in Asia & the Pacific to support integration after they have been rescued.

“It’s not just about raising money, but for studios and teachers to be  beacons of light and transmit the vibration that we have the power and responsibility to change the world and that, together, we can do that.  As yogis, the ultimate goal is ‘moksha’ from ‘samsara’, liberation from the the cycle of death and rebirth. Being of service, practising love in action, is my path to attain that, and I believe it can be other people’s path too”.


Inspired to join? Become an ambassador for Yoga for Freedom and plan a fundraising event at your studio.


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