Accepting The Light & Dark During Cosmic Shifts

Written By: Arik Xander

From July 16th until August 7th, 2019 we need to be very mindful of the way we treat others as we could be accessing a part of ourselves that we have forgotten about.


Every year, from the Full Moon of Cancer until the middle of Leo we find ourselves in a cosmic hot zone.


We all feel it. We want to relax and take some time off. It’s too hot to launch anything or work too hard. We keep things running but most of us sense it’s not time to take any major action.


There is an astrological explanation for it. But first, there are a few things we need to understand about astrology.


The first is that the science of astrology is essentially the mystical interpretation of astronomy where every scientific discovery has a spiritual reason. Second is that astrology gives us a way to decipher the macrocosm through the lens of a microcosm, aka our daily lives.


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s discuss what’s going on with this annual cosmic heat zone. 


As you may know, Summer begins when the Sun enters the zodiac sign Cancer on June 21. As the Sun proceeds through Cancer and makes its way into Leo, the days get hotter (southern hemisphere, stay with me) and frankly, more intense. The law of “As Above, So Below” tells us that the energy is becoming more kinetic. So obviously, it’s the energy that’s becoming more intense, which manifests as heat in our perception of the world!


We may experience tough love from others, irritability, and find it increasingly difficult to stay focused or motivated. This negative period lasts until the Sun reaches 15° Leo when the energy actually climaxes and releases like a pressure cooker. Until we reach that critical degree of Leo, we are building pressure because it’s hard to release!


Let’s look at the microcosm here. The Summer Solstice is like solar noon when the Sun is directly above us, shining as bright as it can. Think about how you are midday. On a small scale, it’s how you are during that time of year. Leo would be like 3-5 PM when we are getting off work and ready to shift into what the Germans call Feierabend. Virgo would then be like 5 till sunset when we are getting everything in order and probably eating dinner!


Now, take a moment and contemplate how you are in the afternoon?


That time from 3 till 5 PM.


There is usually some sort of shift right? Up until about 4, it’s really difficult to get anything done and then after that, somehow energy releases. We experience it every day! Of course, we all abide by corporate clocks and do what we must, but internally, we are slaves to the cosmic rhythm and left to our own devices we would just rather have a bit of a siesta!


But because it is not really feasible to have a 4-hour siesta every day let alone a month of doing nothing, we are best served to consider the cosmic agenda to find out how to best use that energy.


There comes a day in the year when we bear witness to the Full Moon of Cancer. Full Moons are typically very positive days, but the Full Moon of Cancer is a bit of an exception for most of us.




Well, because the Moon actually wants to be bigger than the Sun. Some texts even say that the Sun and Moon used to be the same size when they had been formed. The Moon lost its status because it was so competitive with the Sun.


So the Moon, like a mighty chihuahua, or what we call “micro”, meaning he isn’t aware that he is much smaller than the rest of the planet dogs. He has all the same confidence and might as a regular-sized dog (planet, I mean).


In case you’re wondering, In DASH® Astrology, the Sun is female and the Moon is male simply because all life comes from yin, just like the Sun. The Moon receives the Sun’s light and has some issues sustaining it. But during the Full Moon in Cancer, the Moon really tries to outshine the Sun beginning a period of intense negativity, which ripples until the Sun reaches her strongest degree of the zodiac.


For anyone aligned with wellness and spirituality, it can be a time when we are supported to access potential that is usually hidden from us throughout the rest of the year. What does this mean? Well, reality is like a game where we need to discover the parts of ourselves, which we seemed to have misplaced over time.


During these crucial weeks in Summer, we are being shown where we are on our path. We are accessing our essence and able to reconnect with powerful parts of ourselves that we have forgotten, suppressed or rejected.


For pretty much everyone else, it has been proven to be a very difficult time of year. People tend to experience road rage and other fits of anger and frustration. That means that we need to make plenty of excuses for people and practice lots and lots of compassion. Don’t drive crazy in the streets and understand that a lot of people could be on edge.


This doesn’t mean that anyone who has signed up to a meditation class gets a free pass. If nothing else, we will see where we stand on our spiritual path by the reactions we have to situations.


Life runs in cycles, and it’s up to us to decide whether we spiral up, down or stay on the same level. Six months ago, or in six months time, depending on how you look at it, we will be in Capricorn, which is 180° opposite Cancer. Funny enough, this is also a time of year when we tend to take time off, shop the sales, and after the holiday rush, have a lot of free time on our hands. But I may address it in detail then! For now, know that seeds are being planted for the future.


So let’s do that with the best consciousness we have now.