A Mirror-Gazing Routine To Inspire Fierce Self-Love - By Fern Olivia

Written By: Lauren Holmes

Body love has never come naturally to me. I've spent years dealing with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, working hard to treat symptoms like brain fog, muscle stiffness, fatigue, puffiness, bloating, and weight gain.

As I learned to cultivate self-love through exercise, meditation, diet, and self-care rituals, I was able to successfully treat my thyroid issues and finally lose stubborn belly fat. So successful, in fact, that I've come to love my body in a way I never imagined possible.

One of the most remarkable, albeit intense, rituals I took on during my healing journey was mirror gazing. I was assigned the practice during my Kundalini training, but it took me months to actually give it a try because I was so petrified.

Once I began practicing it every day, though, my life transformed. I started to really love and appreciate myself on a deep level—it finally felt good to be in my own skin. The self-deprecation, self-judgment, and self-loathing that made up my daily internal monologue began to fade away, replaced by a positive current of self-acceptance, self-trust, and forgiveness.

And as an added bonus, I began to lose the stubborn weight around my belly and thighs that wasn't budging when I was being harsh and nasty to it.

How to practice mirror gazing

Stand or sit in front of mirror, preferably naked. If the thought of being naked in front of your mirror terrifies you, start in your bikini. Look into your own eyes and tell yourself, "I see you. You're beautiful. I love you."

You can talk to yourself about how proud you are of a certain accomplishment or how you handled a situation that week. Whatever gets you connected to the reality of you—a pure, graceful, courageous being.

If you're feeling like you need an extra boost of energy, try dancing in front of the mirror completely naked. Put on a song or a mantra that makes you feel alive and beautiful. Be sure to look into your eyes and feel your soul. Sing. Scream. Shake.

Practice for at least 11 minutes. For ultimate cumulative benefit, do this practice every day for 40 days.

Even if it is absolutely terrifying at first, it's a total confidence booster. As you begin to finally love and accept yourself, you'll notice your body finally healing in ways you may never have experienced before. You may begin to feel more radiant and attractive. Your skin may clear up. You may begin to magnetize a loving, healthy relationship. You'll absolutely cultivate a loving, healthy relationship with yourself.

You may laugh. You may cry. Each day may bring up a new feeling. A feeling of appreciation, of understanding, of compassion, of radically accepting yourself exactly where you are right now. These five things will heighten the self-love practice even further.