10 Benefits of Modern Feng Shui

Written By: Lauren Holmes

By Dana Claudat, Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant.

Feng shui is the art and science of creating the best space for you. Some schools of feng shui are too superstitious for me –and I feel superstition takes our power away.

Modern feng shui in my way can help you design a home that mirrors your intentions without superstition. This is empowerment!

Here are 10 ways that modern feng shui can help to change your life …!

1. Enhance your artfulness.  When you create a home that really mirrors your best self- including a developed sense of style- that sensibility carries through your whole life.  Artful living is the fast track to more intuition, personal power, resilience and all great creative things!

2. Get grounded.  When you are grounded, you are present.  The more mindful you are in a deliberately created environment, the more present you'll feel.  This is a calm, restorative feeling!

3. Focus. We often hear about making “vision boards” but great feng shui creates your home as a vision board of your life.  You'll live in a space infused with your intention everywhere.

4. Live with balance. You'll find more balance as you detoxify your home and tap into the power of nature and holistic ways to create new layers of energy and sensory information.

5. Creative bubbling.  When your ewnergy flows freely, your creativity will follow.

6.  Change your habits. It is far easier to break habits in a fresh space.

7. Feel more energetic!  More flowing energy = more energy in your life.

8. Intuition flourishes. Grounded, present, calm, creative lives are tuned to intuition.

9. Abundance. Money is energy.  Raise your energy flows and you open up to opportunity.

10. Overall fulfilment. While it's tempting to just focus on a few things in life and let the rest "take care of itself", in feng shui in my way we look at enhancing overall life (not just the big goals) so that life feels fulfilling and integrated and exciting.

And that's just the start! Your space mirrors you, and that means every space is unique, every way to set up space is unique and, really, the benefits of having a home you love are so personal and profound, I hope you create that home feeling for yourself more and more every day!

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