Certificate Validation

This badge is earned once the practitioner or business has provided certificates of degree, diploma, qualifications or business registration & those articles have been checked by the NWN team.

NWN_VerificationStamps_IA-03 (1)

NWN Community Endorsement

This badge is earned once at least 5 NWN members have endorsed the practitioner or company as an outstanding operator in their field & they will personally vouch for the quality of their service / product.


In Session Validation

This badge is earned once the practitioner has received 5 or more glowing reviews from our review system. Each practitioner must maintain an up to date (within 3 months) record of 5 or more glowing reviews. This is so we can make sure that we are all sticking to a high standard and you are constantly evolving as a practitioner.


Id Validation

This badge is earned once the practitioner or business has provided a valid form of government issued ID & that has been checked by the NWN team.

Once you have been validated your profile & any promotional material about you will showcase validation stamps.

Becoming a New World Native Ambassador - We all know first hand experiences and word of mouth is by far the biggest motivator for a human to try something new, that is why being an ambassador for NWN is so important. This means that you will stand for the brand and encourage other amazing humans to join the network. Quality is paramount to us and our ambassadors will be rewarded with referral commissions once our platform is out of beta.

Creating Content - Our journal is the newest addition to our platform, you can submit written, video or podcast material to be published on the journal. We are looking for is credible information about healing modalities. This is our gateway to many people discovering wellness. So we are looking for content about holistic health, alternative medicine & a conscious lifestyle; & the masters and rising stars making waves in the wellness space.

Wellness Concierge - We are constantly pitching our practitioners and brands to larger corporations whether its for workshops or one on one programming. If you opt in, you & your work will be considered during the pitching process.

Fees - To become a member we charge a one time $65.95 fee to cover the manual costs of verifying your ID, certificates & online fact checking each application individually. We then charge a annual $39.95 maintenance fee (Or $4 monthly). We constantly monitor your profile, manually keeping your information safe and up to date & especially monitor the reviews to make sure our entire community is committed to our high standards.