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Yorgasmic wellness is created by Karina Velasco and co-founders Arturo Velasco and Lawrence Lanoff . Composed by a team of experts in body, mind, heart and sexual wellness.
Yorgasmic was born with the idea to shift one of the most common problems in the world. Our lack of connection and intimacy as human beings. Our sex life has become boring and a chore. Relating with people is hard and kept in a superficial level.
The information we have about sexuality and love comes with archaic narratives or just from a psychological or scientific approach.
What we know is only anatomical, biological or what we see in porn which is not the reality of sex.
All the solutions we read in media, magazines are either too technical or psychological. This leads to dissatisfaction, thinking something is wrong with us or is food for our suffering, pain and lack of connection.
The yorgasmic approach focuses on resolving this issues, giving you an alternative on personal development, love and sexuality with an integrative perspective, through pleasure and joy. Cultivate your mind, body, heart and sexuality through pleasure not difficult processes. 


Yorgasmic gives you the tools and information to create the connection, intimacy and love with yourself and others that you so much wish. It’s an invitation to discover your sexual power, how to use it and share it. 
Open your mind to new possibilities. Access your full potential as a human being.
With our support you will design the life, relationships and sexuality you really want. How much connection, intimacy, pleasure and joy you want to experience? Pleasure as a tool of transformation is powerful, it makes you feel good, gives you clarity and gives you the passion to create the life you want. Pleasure creates a space in which all the attributes you are looking for emerge. You will discover your personal formula of happiness, peace, joy and love so you can shine. 
Yorgasmic creates experiences of transformation filled with joy, fun and pleasure.
Yorgasmic creates a blog, experiences and coming soon online classes and nourishing products.


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