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North Carolina, United State.


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Our mission is to offer content and experiences that provide individuals, teams, and organizations with opportunities to develop a vision for creative, resilient change-making and leadership informed and inspired by the ocean and its waves.


∆  We offer coaching, consulting, custom and pre-programmed retreats, and team-building all based on embodied creativity. You know how many people overwhelmed by circumstances or just immersed in a technical or business people don’t think of themselves as creative? I guide those people through a discovery process to uncover their natural capacity to create and innovate by understanding the seriousness of creative play in their lives.


Hello, I'm Maia Dery. Waves to Wisdom is dedicated to sharing the transformative, inspiring wisdom of a world I stumbled on when, after decades of dedicated outdoor pursuits separated from my professional like, I fulfilled a childhood dream, finally learning to surf at forty. As I’ve come to know the community and culture of surfing over the last ten years, I’ve encountered many of the same types of people as in other active endeavors, fierce competitors, gear heads, bums, and the hopelessly cool. But there was this subset, this smaller population who treat their wave riding habit more like a practice or a spiritual discipline. One that had more to do with seeking wisdom than perfect waves. These folks appeared to have a primary concern with being good people, and saw the pursuit of grace and strength on the board as a way to cultivate that larger goodness in their work and home worlds. They shared a profound reverence for the ocean and all who dwell where we can’t breathe. Their lives made sense and, as the previous, barrier-filled versions of myself slowly dissolved in the salt water, mine made more to me. I am a nearly life long educator and can't wait to use all my skills and experience to guide you with perspective of this oceanic wisdom I've been fortunate enough to steep in.


Our Summer 2018 surf-centered retreat (intended for novice surfers) is scheduled for the magical jungle village of Nosara, Costa Rica. We are accepting reservations

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