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∆  Non Profit Holistic Health Education for Kids


Tournesol Kids is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that empowers children through online education, workshops and community outreach. Our programs teach holistic healthy child development strategies to kids, parents, educators and caregivers that identify and meet the individual physical and emotional needs of children.


∆  The Tournesol Kids #PowerUp program is the first of its kind that incorporates the new science of Growth Mindset with principles of Mindfulness and Compassion to provide parents, educators and kids a science-based, time tested interactive online program that helps kids thrive in the face of challenge. Our program is offered to children, parents and educators online and in person and to communities through our Community Parenting Council training.


Wellbeing can be trained. The T-Kids #PowerUp Project aims to promote the elements of this training during childhood when our body-mind is most adaptable to forming healthy self- image and lifetime habits. This is a bottom-up program that will train children who then in turn model new habits to friends, siblings, parents and teachers. 

Implicit in this training is the idea that children who believe they can cultivate skillsets do better in life than those who believe they cannot. Recent research in the fields of child development and educational success suggest that having a “growth mindset” is highly predictive of better outcomes than “fixed mindset.” 

Our program is beneficial for children in private and public sectors and of all socioeconomic levels. Socioeconomic status does not necessarily guarantee wellbeing. Underserved children are prone to having fixed mindsets of low self-esteem that has been shown to predict poor health, criminal behavior and limited economic prospects during adulthood. Children of privilege are also at risk of having fixed mindsets that place them at risk for long term consequences of poor self-esteem.

The aim of the T-Kids #PowerUp Project is to develop in-school and professional development programs that train wellbeing by promoting growth mindsets in children. Using exercises developed by Developmental Pediatrician, Stephen Cowan MD , we will: 

1. Teach children how to identify their primary adaptive style.
2. Train children in developing specific executive functions that will “round out” this particular style and expand each child’s potential for success.

In so doing, we aim to teach children how to recognize the intimate connections between their inner biologic diversity, outer community diversity and their potential for wellbeing.


The complete website is live and already helping more than 1,000 kids and families worldwide. Our first TKids Coach Training program is on January 31st, 2018 in New York City. Applications are available by email at

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