The Panther Process


New York / Global


∆  Healing


∆  Panther is a uniquely curated sensory journey into the Shadows incorporating Jungian-Based Psychology, Shamanic Breathwork, Evolutionary Astrology, Reiki, THETA, Various Native Energetics, Yoga, Somatic Therapy, Fascia Release, Essential Oils, Tarot, Light, and Sound Scapes.


Free Yourself


Panther is a unique guide for people to embrace their Shadows finding a new sense of empowerment as they merge all aspects of self... what they love, what they don't. What they can see, what they can't. Without this essential balance, we cannot operate to our fullest potential inside both the outer and inner realms, or right and left sides of the brain. This experience is uniquely designed for people who simply want more from life. Who are tired of something, and don't know what. Who often suppress to survive. Who want to be better. Identifying and disabling limiting belief systems, breaking free from the chains that restricts inner strength, life is enriched through a holographic lens of creation discovering new flavors yet to taste.

During the process, layers are unravelled discovering forgiveness and responsibility of self. It’s not just about chasing bliss or engaging in Spiritual Bypass, running from the emotional roadblocks of life…its about thriving, owning the ENTIRE embrace of the human experience, and the rich tapestry of energetic threads that are now tangible at the mere initiation of this transmutation. New sensations. New head space. New realities. 

Through curated techniques including energy frequencies, somatic methods, Jungian counsel, shamanic breathwork, yogic practices, art, sound harmonics, music, light scape, and traditional ceremonies…Kira guides you through both the subconscious and conscious minds in a synergetic experiential process to unpack nuances yet to discover. Journeying with Panther is about consuming an energetic remedy that will guide you on a trip safely through your subtle energy bodies to the other side of your fears, and embrace the sheer comedic joy of being human.

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