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Healing School


∆  We are a college in Florida that teaches healing techniques for yourself and others. We teach you how to access the power of intention, strengthen your internal support system and live your life with purpose. Access your inner knowing and ability to connect with inner guidance. Consciously connecting the Universal Energy through the use of Brennan Healing Science techniques which empowers individuals and creates global change. 

This is life-changing adventure of healing and personal growth. As you blossom into the heart-centered being you came here to be you'll be joining thousands who have gone before you for 35 years. Learn from our skilled and compassionate teachers and experience community that is only given by The Barbara Brennan School of Healing.


Embark on Journey of Personal Transformation


The Brennan Bio and School is based on three books Barbara Brennan Wrote. Here they are:
In my first book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, I focused primarily on the structure and function of the first seven levels of the human energy field, its relationship to the human body, and its use in hands-on healing. Hands of Light offers a clearer understanding of how and why hands-on healing works. 
In my second book, Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, I focused on clarifying and healing our creative process with which we create our lives. Our creative process moves through our four dimensions: our Physical Body, our Human Energy Field, our Hara, and our Core Essence. 
In this third book, Core Light Healing: Creating the Life You Long to Live, I describe how to create the life you long to live by learning to understand, heal, release, and utilize your creative life energies that arise out of your core essence in the core of your being. To do so means to learn to recognize and become familiar with the deeper parts of your being. This includes your inner goodness as well as your inner darkness. To release your creative core energies, you need to learn to honor your soul’s longing, the deeper source of light, love, and life within you. This source of creativity within you may be far more powerful than you can imagine. Learning to accept that it is there, and to be with it, will change your life forever. Do not be embarrassed by the fact that it is there within you. It, in fact, is you! Every living creature on the earth, and most likely everywhere else in the cosmos, has an inner core light, or core essence, that is unique to each. 

I invite you to take this journey with me.
It will be your journey.
Each individual’s journey is unique
as well as personal.


We believe that everyone is on their own personal journey and everyone has a light within them that needs to shine. We ask you, "What is your light?". The intention of guiding each person to find theirs, is our mission.

You stand with one foot
in the physically based reality,
and the other in the
spiritually based reality.

What is between,
is the solid ground of your core.


Barbara Brennan's last book has been just published by Hay House Publishing. The book has been picked up in 15 languages across the globe and follows her New York Times best selling books. "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging". This is going to epic!

Also, The Brennan Institute is opening a new branch in England this Fall of 2017. Our intention to reach out to those who travels may be difficult and we are excited to open in our new location.

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