Sunshine Dreaming


Santa Monica, California


∆  Beach/outdoor accessories


Sunshine Dreaming is committed to design-driven lifestyle products, created through sustainable production methods.


Sunshine Dreaming makes fun and fashionable beach and outdoor accessories. The Sunshine Dreaming Sun Pillow is a portable head hammock made in Los Angeles from sustainably sourced white oak wood and premium cotton fabrics. The Sun Pillow is perfect for beach days, long hikes, meditation, and so much more!


Sunshine Dreaming is excited to introduce the SUN PILLOW, the fashionable beach headrest and pillow you’ve been missing!

Inspired by travel, surfing, and the beach, this portable headrest is great for the beach, grass, mountains, or really anywhere! Its supportive design is shockingly comfortable, making the Sun Pillow the perfect little companion for outdoor (and indoor) relaxation!

The Sunshine Dreaming Sun Pillow is made in Los Angeles from sustainably sourced white oak wood and premium cotton fabrics. Designed with jetsetting in mind, the Sun Pillow weights a half pound and folds flat to fit easily in your luggage, purse, or beach bag.

Sunshine Dreaming was launched in 2016 in Los Angeles by fashion stylist Ana Dahlman. Born in Brazil, Ana established her career in New York but always had a love for the beach and sunny California called her. Inspired by her new home, Ana created the Sunshine Dreaming brand to bring together her love of fashion, travel, and the beach lifestyle.

The Sun Pillow is available through Sunshine Dreaming’s website and at select boutiques. Follow Sunshine Dreaming on Instagram: @sunshinedreamingla


Sunshine Dreaming makes it's branded products here in LA using sustainable and high quality materials. Sunshine Dreaming's boutique only stocks fair trade and small batch producers.


Sunshine Dreaming will be holding pop up boutiques at the Venice Artists & Fleas market on Saturday June 24th and the Renegade Craft Fair on July 8th-9th.

We are always looking to partner with others in the health and wellness communities to create memorable events and reach a wider audience for our products! We have also partnered with charities and non profits such as the Sand Sisters to help supply products for their events and are always open to other community-focused events.

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