449 Keap St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211


  • Yoga/Barre and Wellness
  • Wellness


  • Signature Yoga-Barre Hybrid class (SHAKTIBARRE) with an emphasis on body, cultural, and chakra-forward inclusivity
  • Vinyasa and Kundalini classes
  • Community space for events and collaboration
  • Healthy snacks and beverages
  • Private coaching ranging from wellness modalities to startup consulting


SHAKTIBARRE is a yoga-barre studio and community space empowering the feminine in everybody with classes, coaching, events, and snacks for accessible, sustainable wellness.


SHAKTIBARRE started as Corinne and Shauny voicing our opinions about the fact 77% of yogis are White and in New York, roughly 44% of them make over $75,000 annually. Before opening, we wrote about this momentum-turned-business-idea in various publications, including our goal to donate a percentage of proceeds annually to The Yoga and Mindful Literacy Initiative for Girls (YoGirls Program). Hoping to change those statistics and use the 82% female-driven yoga world as an opportunity to elevate women by way of sliding-scale prices and high-level wellness education on-site, we were accepted on scholarship by Circular Board’s business accelerator as a scalable and innovative hub where boutique fitness meets activism.

Now 15 months old, we're fundraising for a 2nd location ( and have achieved the following:

  • Welcomed nearly 10,000 unique students, many of them part of our sliding-scale program.
  • Hosted 116 cultural events ranging from Super Natural Wellness with HeyFranHey to Simchat Torah with Base BKLYN to Collective Sex's trans community panels.
  • Achieved a 4.9/5-star class rating from 5,518 reviews across 4 major platforms
  • Been locally and nationally awarded via Brooklyn Magazine's "The 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture," The SELF Healthy Living Awards for "9 Impressive Women in Fitness Making an Impact on the Industry," and named "NYC's most enlightened barre studio" according to VOGUE.
  • Reached hundreds of thousands globally by way of free online fitness collaborations with POPSUGAR, Refinery29, Culture Trip and a candid, Katie Dalebout-hosted podcast!

We hope to build many more SHAKTIBARRE's in a modest effort to create a tangible, socio-psychological shift in the way wellness is experienced amongst women. We wish to empower individuals from every background to come together as positive agents of change and equality. We also recognize, as our mission states "empowering the feminine," that all genders are important and welcome in the conversation of closing gender gaps by way of SHAKTIBARRE's offerings.


We're fundraising for a 2nd location ( and recently received a national award from The SELF Healthy Living Awards for "9 Impressive Women in Fitness Making an Impact on the Industry" (Self Magazine, 2017)!

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