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Anna Maria is the Founder of Primal, Adpreneurs Innovation Consultancy and is a 5Rhythms® Sweat SpaceHolders passionate about freedom, unconditional love and reconnecting with our primal nature through sound, movement, nourishment and creation. Primal, is a family of healers, spaces and human beings reconnecting with our creature instincts and bodies natural tools to heal itself through sound, movement, nourishment and creation and help us embrace the creature within. We act as a bridge between healers, spaces and human beings that share this vision, supporting a movement of co-creation and healing wisdom through Portugal with other parts of the world. And we support them by co-creating, producing, branding / marketing and communicating events, retreats, and healers. Our mission is to build a road of healing wisdom through Portugal, making healing more accessible to Europe as many of those here do not have the luxury of time to travel far distances to receive care, or extensive time to do so. It also gives way for us to co-create with healing wisdom from distant corners of the world and learn better how to collaborate and act in a sustainable and regenerative way together. Because we are in this. Together. We do this because it is not only animals around the world that are becoming endangered but also our inner animal. We are losing ourselves in this civilised ‘domestication’ process. Our hearts know no borders, Familia is everywhere and Primal is aligned in our mission to support familia wherever they are. If one of us makes a step forward, then we all do. Wherever we are.

Latest Company News

Within a month of opening shop Primal has been approached by healers, facilitators and retreat centres all over the world to curate their events, retreats and support in marketing and branding. It's doing well with little to no marketing effort.

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