Oxalis Apothecary


New Orleans, Louisiana 


∆  Natural Skincare


∆  All of our products are 100% natural, enriched with premium plant based oils, herbs and minerals, ethically sourced ingredients and handcrafted in small batches by Erin Wexstten in New Orleans, LA.


Natural beauty, from plant to body.


Oxalis Apothecary is about the joy of nature and all it has to offer. We're founded on the desire to make the products we use on the outside match the quality of those we use to nourish our inside. Taking care of our skin and well-being should be uncomplicated and uncompromising. 

We're interchangeably fascinated with living in the woods, barefoot and free, to living in the city, cleaned up and polished. Finding a balance between the two is helped by bringing natural elements into our daily beauty routine. That's why our focus is simply plant to body. Kindred to the farm to table approach of eating, our products allow naturally healing ingredients from the earth to take care of our skin and our spirits.

Oxalis Apothecary was born in Brooklyn, NY out of a long-time love of body care, an obsession with the psychology of scent and a desire to create safe and effective natural products. 

A native of southern Illinois, Erin grew up in the woods, surrounded by trees, plants and all the sounds and smells of nature. Her small, rural town and home were secluded, enabling her imagination and inciting a passion for roaming the woods—discovering sights untouched and unseen. As a child, she often mistook wild oxalis for a rare four-leaf clover, excitingly bringing them to her parents. These fond memories of discovery and curiosity have guided her creations, with honesty and transparency at their core.

Erin is certified with the East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies in Organic Body Care Products, which is recognized by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Erin also holds a degree in Fashion Design with a decade of experience in the industry in NYC. She enjoys yoga and dance, biking, traveling and relaxing in her garden in New Orleans.


We'll be attending several local markets as well as Porter Flea in Nashville in December. Additionally, we will be featured in a new subscription box in December. Stay tuned!

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