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Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  • Modern day Breathwork School


  • Breath and Bodywork, Education, Community


Open Up is a modern day breathwork school. A place for learning and self-healing. We create space for men and women to uncover their truth, transform their lives and reach for the highest potential, in service of humanity's collective evolution.

Our goal is to help catalyse and support grounded transformation. Founder Katrien Franken has an enduring passion for awakening consciousness, human potential, wisdom traditions and is inspired by the rebellious, revolutionary wisdom of the giants as Stanislav Grof, Carl Jung, A.H. Almaas, and Jordan Peterson. She has facilitated and mentored individuals from all over the world through their journey, including many international business leaders and changemakers.

She creates a strong and safe container for immersive Breathwork experiences - improving key psychological traits like presence, openness to experience, intuition and self-reflection in order to achieve our purpose. Our dedication is grounded by a conviction that the integration of spiritual awakening is needed for a lasting change. That we need to find the solutions to separation inside ourselves first, but that we don’t need to do it alone. Together we breathe and move beyond intellectual understanding to an embodied place of knowing.

Celebrating the journey and to deepen the level of understanding and community that we all have an infinite capacity to connect. We understand ourselves as part of a worldwide movement of movements, all working to evolve global consciousness — and support communities, initiatives and institutions that follow the deeper intelligence of inner change first. Open Up is founded in 2015, free from stuffy dogma, community focussed and always heart-led, connecting wisdom and sharing our skills to help others become more powerful and present in the world.


Our mission is to help inspire, catalyse and support grounded personal and societal transformation — encouraging spiritual growth and embodied wisdom. Our shared conviction is that we need to integrate what the great psychologist Carl Jung called the ‘shadow’ on an individual and cultural level.

Our contribution is to offer sessions, workshops and events that explore and amplify this process at the root, and to support individuals and groups to find their place within it. To open up to the deeper connection and mysteries of who we are, and how we relate to reality. We understand ourselves as part of a worldwide movement of movements, all working to evolve global consciousness — and support communities and institutions with the same mission.

We combine breathwork with ancient wisdom, neuroscience and psychology to hack into new ways of being.

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