Lisbon, Portugal / Global


∆  Brand Strategy


To uncover your love within and share it with the World to create positive impact


∆   I design heart-based brands.
I listen to your dream and help build a brand experience that touches the lives of your ideal target audience. 
From there I create the visual representation of your brand; your logo - its colours, font, photography style, iconography, web site design. 

∆  I offer connections. 
Over the years of travelling and living abroad, I have met a lot of incredible people in my life in all areas of expertise. I love to connect people who I believe can help each other grow.

∆  I offer research skills.
Everything I find on the web I store and file into categories. I seem to be a great Googler and hunter for links. Searching for anything related to social enterprise and design - I can provide.


Hungry Hearts . love

. design for social impact
. stories that matter
. conscious living

Run by Amanda Mulder, a woman with a mission to fill her heart by doing what she loves.
Giving design/travel/food tips, being self-aware, helping hearts go within, inspiring souls to connect with each other, sharing stories of people that she admires and doing what she can to create social impact. 

Hungry Hearts . love social enterprise and their mission to develop sustainable economic communities. 
Which is why one-third of all our profits will go back into developing brand strategies for early stage social enterprises who do not have the funding to hire a brand consultancy.

If you have a hungry heart, fill it with love by doing what you love.


I am about to head out to the jungle of Peru, going on an inward journey to open my heart through plant medicine.
I'll be disconnecting from the digital world and going back to what I loved to do the most as a child, dance and draw.

I am very open, honest and vulnerable with my emotions. I'll be joining a collective of women in raising consciousness through the youtube platform - Ready and Waking.
Branding is something I naturally do, but I wouldn't say this is my only talent. I see myself evolve into coaching through the power of art and dance, and who knows the power of the Word.

Review your healing experience, service or product