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Hidden Hills, California


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The Five Sense Collective was born in an effort to create a restorative space for conscious individuals to tend to their busy lifestyles by engaging self-nourishment through communal contribution. Five Sense Collective believes that the idea of wellness is evolving beyond the individual journey, and is far more compelling when we band together to heal one another. 


Our Founders Dru Erin and Kirscha Cramer discovered Yoga and Relational Healing as an outlet for positive growth in the midst of fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyles and work. Through hours of training they collectively became certified in a variety of practices including Yoga (200-hr RYT), Acro-Yoga Fit and Mindful Meditation. 


The Five Sense Collective works in partnership with Environmental & Humanitarian Foundation(s), donating proceeds to causes that support: 

Social Justice - Working to empower disadvantaged people
Environmental - Supporting the prevention of ecological destruction, protecting wildlife and promoting the importance of a sacred connection with nature
Humanitarian - Funding the exploration of new paradigms of contemporary science, spiritual wisdom and ecological awareness

So what does The Collective do with the remaining profits? 

A percentage is given to our healers to keep spreading their knowledge and talents within our community, while the remaining is put in The Collective to give back to our community.

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