Essential Rose Life


Brooklyn, New York


We offer holistic beauty products, featuring mood-enhancing face and body oils, exfoliants, and herbal teas. Our all-natural line is infused with the power of Aromatherapy to nourish and regenerate the skin and harmonize the emotions.


Our products and rituals nourish the skin and transform self-care into an experience of self-love that heals.


Essential Rose Life was Founded in 2013 by Jennifer Rose Goldman. Inspiration for the brand came from a former informal business Jennifer created called Skidpothecary, which was an on-campus herbal Apothecary at her Alma Matter, Skidmore College. Jennifer's personal journey of healing was the impetus behind the brand's development, and culminated in her desire to commune with nature and craft these luxurious natural skin treats. Since its inception, Essential Rose Life has developed into a multi-channel platform. We offer e-commerce, wholesale to likeminded venues such as spas, boutiques, and wellness centers, e-commerce, and we appear in person for a multitude of pop up events, seasonal and annual markets, and workshops. The workshops we teach integrate Jennifer's entire education and experience with holistic healing with the product line she has created. Our reach currently extends mostly to the tri-state area, with several accounts in Colorado and Canada. We plan to expand more fully in the West Coast and beyond in the near future.


Our philosophy is that beauty extends from the inside out. It is a way of relating to yourself and your world, which dictates not only what you do, but how you do it. Self-care is not selfish but is a necessary daily practice to be your most authentic self. It is from this space where you can truly love and support others.


We have many workshops coming up in New York and Long Island, and are attending Gratitude Migration Festival this weekend!
We also have a major trip out west at the end of August, making a pilgrimage from Santa Fe to LA and expanding our territory along the way. 
We hope to connect with all of our best coast / west coast friends along the way!


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