Erika Bloom Pilates


New York, New York. 


∆  Fitness
∆ Wellness

Services Provided

∆  Private Pilates, Private Yoga
∆ Duet Pilates, Duet Yoga
∆ Acupuncture
∆ Rolfing
∆ Custom Massage
∆ Integration Therapy
∆ Thai Yoga Massage


Erika Bloom distinguishes itself with its unique customization method. The relationship between you and your practitioner begins with a personal evaluation to assess posture, muscular imbalances, and movement patterns. Each session is then personally tailored to meet your individual needs resulting in a more effective, efficient session and a longer, leaner you. Erika Bloom Method Pilates takes a detailed and individualized approach to fitness to ensure access to every muscle in the body, rather than employing existing movement patterns that utilize already dominant muscle groups. To personalize the experience further, Erika Bloom Method Pilates pairs your Pilates session with a variety of services designed to heighten your mind/body experience and achieve your goals quickly.

These services range from Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Custom Massage to Acupuncture, Rolfing and Integration Therapy. Our practitioners are versed in anatomy, injury rehabilitation, pre and postnatal, osteoporosis, nutrition, and much more. Let yourself be guided by passionate and knowledgeable instructors handpicked by Erika Bloom through a mind-body connecting workout. Our Upper East Side studio is designed as a haven to foster your mind-body practice. Come in and enjoy a cup of our signature tea, take a Pilates session, leave your clothes to be laundered and waiting for you when you return, shop our eco-boutique, schedule a massage, and much, much more. Be sure to visit our locations in Greenwich, Connecticut, Turks & Caicos, throughout the Hamptons and in-homes in Los Angeles, in addition to our Manhattan flagship.

Years In Practice

16 years

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